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What is the differance between Dexilant and lansoprazole?

Posted 18 Nov 2011 by hefty 1 answer

I would like to know if I could possibly switch from Dexilant to lansoprazole without having any problems

Compare pantoprazole and lansoprazole?

Posted 12 Jan 2014 by fotag2 1 answer

Long term use of lansoprazole?

Posted 18 Apr 2018 by Debbisch 0 answers

I’ve seen several warnings that lansoprazole should only be used short term. I’ve been taking it for at least 15 years, with Dr knowledge. What is the problem with long term use and do most docs approve of long term use?

Can I crush lansoprazole tablets?

Posted 23 Feb 2018 by ridgeway 1 answer

doctor told me I could and to keep flushing till all the bit dispersed.

How long should I wait in between taking my medication?

Posted 19 Feb 2018 by Moza Hamran 0 answers

I took lansoprazole at 9:30 I’m the morning before food .. then at 2:30 after lunch I took 5mg of Cipralex ... it’s 9:00 now. Can I take lansoprazole 30 mg before my dinner ? Because I also suffer from acid reflux and I don’t want any interactions in between taking my medications

Does it hurt lansoprazole 30 mg capsules if frozen?

Posted 3 Jan 2018 by Joeyman 0 answers

My prescription bottle of 30mg capsules fell out of car. Laid in snow for 3-4 hours. Temperature was about 10 degrees. Did this damage my medicine?

I have taken omeprazole 20mg and lansaprazole 30mg for reflux acid - what is the difference?

Posted 9 May 2017 by tezez68 0 answers

both seem to work just as well - iwas just wondering which I would be better off using longterm- I am 45yr old male in good health

I'm getting face sensations of burning / flushing from taking 30mg of lansoprazole for over a year?

Posted 3 Apr 2017 by uhle015 1 answer

... for chronic reflux. Have gone down to 15mg a day since last Thursday, and will take no more after today (Monday). This side effect is listed as rare. Any advice? Personal experience of this? Any alternatives, for example? Thank you

H pylori treatment... I suffer from anxiety and now had a side effect from treatment?

Posted 3 Apr 2016 by stkrg 3 answers

Hi. I have had h pylori for a while I was prescribed the treatment of lansoprazole clarithromycine and amoxicillin ... I suffer from panic disorder. My type of panic attacks are from feeling different. I can't drink I can't take me da I can't feel different. A simple light headed ...

Amoxicillin or metronidazole? which one my wife is allergic to?

Posted 3 Dec 2016 1 answer

About two months ago my wife took HpPAC which consists of Lansoprazole, clarithromycin, and amoxicillin, and then she had an allergic reaction, and I had to take her to the emergency room. Yesterday, she took an amoxicillin (500mg) and metronidazole (500mg) because she has a cold, and again had an ...

Lansoprazole making me dizzy?? anyone else on them get like that?

Posted 26 Nov 2016 by kwd897 0 answers

I was ment on 60mg per day, I was on 30mg for around 4 weeks on and off taking them every 2 days I gradually built the courage to take 60mg per day after 5 days of taking 60mg I become very dizzy after about a hour or so taking them it was like a drunken night out, is anyone familiar with them or ...

Amoxicillin/Clarithromycin/Lansoprazole - It ia very difficult for me to swallow such huge capsule?

Posted 5 Aug 2016 by Sonam224 0 answers

... .. can i open the amoxicillin capsule n drink with juice and may be cut clarithomycin in half ? Wil it effect my dosage ? Im being treated for H.pylori bacteria and ulcer?

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