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Lansoprazole Questions

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I have been on Lansoprazole for over 6 years, my joints are stiff and aching, coincidence?

Should I take an alternative

H pylori treatment... I suffer from anxiety and now had a side effect from treatment?

Hi. I have had h pylori for a while I was prescribed the treatment of lansoprazole clarithromycine and amoxicillin ... I suffer from panic disorder. My type of panic attacks are from feeling different. I can't drink I can't take me da I can't feel different. A simple light headed... read more

I have recently been prescribed lansoprazole 30mg for GERD. I have been taking this for a week now?

... and have only started to see a difference in my symptoms. I was wondering by the time I've finished my course of lansoprazole (which I will be taking for 8 weeks) if I will be cured and can go back to living a normal life

Helicobacter Pylori Infection - side effects from the triple therapy?

I currently am on my second day of the Prasco Triple Therapy (Lansoprazol Delayed (30mg, 2x a day), Amoxicillin (500mg, 2x a day), and Clarithromycin (1000 mg, 2x a day). I am having terrible side effects after the first dose. I have been able to avoid the GI pains by taking Florastor, a probiotic.... read more

What is the differance between Dexilant and lansoprazole?

I would like to know if I could possibly switch from Dexilant to lansoprazole without having any problems

Can I break one 30mg capsule into 2 x15mg ?

I received lansoprazole 30mg from my doctor. Can I break one capsule half for 2 days as 15mg for each day -because according to the medicine instructions I read, usual adult dose for Gastroesophageal reflux disease is 15mg orally once a day for up to few weeks? Also, I have taken Lansoprazole for... read more

Lansoprazole - Nasty burning taste in mouth?

Hello good morning i have been on lansoprazole 1 month 60mg as anyone experienced. Burning of mouth and throat nasty taste that burns when swallowing saliva. Get worse when eating,drinking and brushing teeth. I have lost 6 stone since I have been been on lansoprazole.

What is the origin of gelatin in lansoprazole?

Lansoprazole - taking for bloating of the stomach for nearly 4 years, is this natural?

Can anyone tell me what causes bloating? i have been like this for 4 years and take lansoprazole. I had a scan on my tummy october last year and the nurse was measuring what looked like a tear on my right side, when i asked the nurse what she was doing, she just dident answer me. Can any one help?.

Lansoprazole - why is generic not as good?

Lansoprazole - Has anyone had a problem having bloody diarrhea ?

Recently prescribed Lansoprazole for indigestion but last couple of days experiencing above effects

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