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Keppra Questions

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What is the difference between Briviact and Keppra?

Aptiom vs Keppra, what is the difference?

How long does it take to get Keppra out of your system?

When given Keppra at 1000mg twice a day by mistake for 35 days, how long would it take to get out of your system and for your brain function to return to normal?

Epilepsy - My son started keppra a month ago and has had a very bad attitude so the doctor wrote a?

... pres. for vitamin b6 but he is only a year old and i cant find any for him if any one know let me know

I have some questions about side effects of Keppra?

Hi I am a new member and am concerned about the side effects of Keppra. I started having grand mal seizures at the age of 29 and I am now 37. Over the course of a few years I came to learn that I have a birth defect in my left frontal lobe that is causing the seizures. I only have them in my sleep... read more

Does using Vimpat and Keppra together causes severe short term memory loss?

My wife is 56 years old. She takes Vimpat 50 mg (3 times daily) and Keppra 500 mg once a day to control her epilepsy. The auras/seizures are completely under control but she is experiencing severe memory problems. As an example she sometimes cannot remember something I had told her fifteen minutes... read more

Has anyone changed from dilantin to keppra and what were the results?

My new neurologist wants me to make the change due to bone health issues. I'm hesitant to make the change because I've been on dilantin (and phenobarbitol) for 40+ years and seizure-free for 37 years. I have osteoporosis, but my bone density level has increased 10% over the last year.

Is Keppra brand name more effective than generic?

Depakote has given me the shakes in my hand, is this normal and will it go away?

Seizures - This past september I was in the hospital a week to try to get my siezures back under control, I missed on dose of Keppra xr and woke up early that morning having lost my bodily functions. The Neurologist added Depakote xr back to my regime and now I have the shakes in my hands like a... read more

Has anyone had extreme digestive disturbances with Keppra?

I am on 1500mg once a day at bedtime, I am having a awful time with my digestive system, I am not sure about the cause but it has flared up since I increased my doseage. Has anyone had any digestive problems noted since they started Keppra. Ever time I eat my stomack feels like it is all bloated up... read more

How long will I have to take Keppra after craniotomy for benign meningioma ?

I had a seizure and collapsed. They found a brain tumour in the hospital. I had surgery to remove a benign meningioma from the frontal lobe. The operation was ten weeks ago. I am taking 500mg Keppra twice daily. How long will I have to continue taking this for ? I do not have epilepsy.

How do I safely stop taking Keppra?

How do I stop taking Keppra twice daily safely?

My daughter has epilepsy and has been on 750 mg Keppra and is weaning off Lamotrigine @100 mg from a

... high of 800 mg/day. She was also on 10 mg/day Lexapro for the last year. She began having involuntary movements in the eyes, mouth, neck but the Drs said it's not a movement disorder. EEG confirmed it's not seizure activity, but we have no diagnosis and no treatment after six weeks of... read more

Does Keppra have sexual side effects?

My boyfriend has been on Dilantin for seizures for years, and was given a Rx for Keppra recently. Since then, he has not been able to hold an erection and believes this is related to the Keppra. Please respond with your research if there is any other alternative medication that will not affect his... read more

Can Keppra (Levetiracetam) give you a false positive?

Can Keppra show up on premployment screening?

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