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Janumet Questions

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What medication is safe, Janumet or metformin?

What will happen if I have to stop taking Janumet because of lost Health insurance?

and I can not pay for it

Can JANUMET be crushed or cut in half?

Janumet - How long does it take for Janument to work?

My blood sugar was 339 almost two weeks ago and started taking Janument 50/1000 twice a day. I've been taking it eleven days now and I'm still around 170-250. Am I not giving it enough time?

I take Janumet 1,000mg twice a day, and my blood sugar reading is still high?

the last three day, I've seen my doc. Add a pill callglyburide 2.5mg why?

Does janumet cause erectile disfunction?

Can not get it up trying 2 figure out what pill I take is causing this I also take high blood pressure

Can you take Janumet XR 50/1000 before a meal with Type 2 diabetes?

Blood sugar 6.1 - 6.8 mmol/l. Also take metformin 500 daily.

Metformin/sitagliptin - What the cause of high blood sugar in the morning?

Am taking Janumet 50/1000 mg twice daily one at afternoon when i wake up and 2nd will be at 11 pm and taking glimepiride 2mg after lunch sometimes ill have hypoglycemia once during the day and when i wake up in the morning ill have high blood sugar without eating anything please guide me

What are the side effects of Janumet?

For type 2 diabetes.

Is it safe to take the close expiration's date of JanuMet?

... I have recently got some JanuMet(500/50) which some of them will expired in July 2010 (around 154 pills which will take me 2/5 months to finish them)and the rest are for 2011..Are these 154 pills are safe enough to use them or should i put them away??? And Please don't tell me asking my... read more

Can Janumet cause vision probs & should you take Metformin if you can control Blood Sugar w/out it?

I was diagnosed with type 2 3.5 moths ago. My A1C was 10.8. Lost some weight, changed diet, exercise more and take Janumet. My A1C yesterday was it is clearly effective. But, the side effects: lethargic, abdomen pain, flu like feeling, and the worst - blurred vision and sensitivity to light.... read more

What is the shelf life of Janumet?

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