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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Questions

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Pooping blood and nothing else - What could this be?

Posted 6 Jan 2014 8 answers

I have ibs, and I have been having diarrhea. So no constipation. I felt like I had to go poop, and I went to the bathroom. I pooped out nothing but blood, and now it's just dripping from my butt. I didn't have any poop at all, it was all blood. Please help and tell me what this could ...

Is Paregoric still available for purchase? Where do you get it?

Posted 19 May 2012 29 answers

I'm a 66 year old male that has been suffering with diarrhea for 44 years now. All I ever hear from doctors is I have IBS. Every time I get a new doctor they always want to do the whole battery of GI test. I am so over these tests that I won't do another one. The only thing that has ever ...

Has anyone come off of 10mg amitriptyline after experiencing hightened anxiety whilst on it?

Posted 5 Sep 2013 8 answers

Ive been on 10mg amitriptyline once a night for about 5 months for ibs symptoms while ive been on this medication ive found myself feeling very low very tired and started getting anxiety and panic attacks from bowhere which id never ever experienced before and I heard and read online that ...

Has anyone experienced ibs symptoms after starting depo provera shot?

Posted 31 Mar 2013 9 answers

I sarted depo shot in august 2012 since starting I experienced ibs symptoms such as fullness bloating nausea consripation and diarrhea alternating more so diarrhea though and itd leave me feeling ill for a couple days after a flare up and not be able to eat properly as some foods triggered it to ...

Should I take pain relievers for gas pains or lower belly pain from IBS?

Posted 3 Mar 2014 4 answers

I have continous belly pain from the mid right side through lower belly to left side. It is relieved somewhat by having a bowel movement. I am wondering if I should try tylenol or Ibuprofen for relief. Thanks!

Tapering off amitriptyline, feel so sick, anxiety so bad, flu pain etc, should I go to hospital ?

Posted 5 Aug 2012 10 answers

I developed severe anxiety last May and my docs said the amitriptyline wasn't working for me. I began taking it 7 years ago for migraines that wouldn't go away and it worked except for having to increase dosage after trying to come off and couldn't. I got myself down to 10 mg 6 days ...

Gastrointestinal Disorders - Does anyone burp a rotten egg smell or Sulfur..& what causes it?

Posted 15 Sep 2013 1 answer

I'm really confused :( Iv gotten differing diagnoses & prescriptions since I was 15 for my stomach problems. ie; Heartburn, IBS, gastric reflux? I have constipation, pretty sure it's from the meds I take. My bowels dont move unless I take a laxative. I put myself on a bland diet ...

Wellbutrin - Will constipation side effect go away?

Posted 3 May 2012 5 answers

I started a small dose of Wellbutrin (not SR or XL) a week ago and the only unpleasant side effect I have is constipation (with upper GI discomfort). The problem is, I already have moderate-to-severe constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-C) and must take a prescription medication ...

Amitiza - How Long Does It Take To Work? Is It Better To Take After Dinner?

Posted 25 Jun 2014 1 answer

I was just given a 4 day sample today. I have IBS and dealing with chronic constipation. My doctor said to try this and if it works she will call in an prescription for me. But I wanted to know if I take now in the evening since I just ate if I would be ok to work in the morning...

Has anyone been treated for ibs succesfully with 10mg amitriptyline?

Posted 17 Feb 2013 5 answers

Im a 22 year old female that has been experiencing ibs symptoms for 7 months and this has lead to anxiety which has lead to a bit of weight loss as im anxious to eat properly as i dont want to trigger a flare up. i know there are 2 things that trigger my flare ups but im too scared to eat what i ...

Anyone got any experience of being on 10mg citalopram for anxiety and mild depression and ibs d ?

Posted 16 Dec 2013 2 answers

Ive been prescribed 10mg citalopram foe ibs d anxiety and depression . I have health anxiety and experience some nausea most days which I know is probably caused by myself being like this although id much rather not be . I was on amitriptyline 10mg at the start of the year I developmed anxiety ...

What will amitriptyline make me feel like?

Posted 9 Sep 2011 1 answer

I have high levels of anxiety and also have back pain from a number of problems. Will the amitriptyline take care of either or both? Have taken clonazepam and norcos for my symptoms and have now been prescribed amitriptyline and really don't what to expect. My doc also put me on paxil a few ...

Dulcolax - I took 2 ducolax yesterday at 3pm it's still not worked any suggestions as I've not gone?

Posted 10 May 2015 3 answers

... to the toilet for 2 weeks and I want to get rid of it all

Linzess - How long does the severe diarrhea go on?

Posted 14 Jul 2013 6 answers

I have suffered from IBS for 8+ years for the last 6+ years I have random "flare ups" with horrible stabbing pain with gas and usually diarrhea. I've never been a constipation sufferer really, always having soft to very soft movements 2-6 times a day on average without the ...

Amitiza not really working - any advice or suggestions?

Posted 6 May 2014 8 answers

I am a 28 year old female who prior to about 1 1/2 years ago, had absolutely no medical issues, let alone GI issues, to speak of. I'll also say there are no GI issues in my family history, with the exception of my brother who developed ulcerative colitis around the same time I started having ...

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