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How does Doxycycline interact with milk / dairy products?

Posted 2 Mar 2008 by andy91 1 answer

Hello, I have 2 questions regarding DOXYCYCLINE HYCLATE 100MG (this is tetracycline antibiotic) twice a day medicine that I started to take. 1. The instructions say that I should not take this medicine with milk or dairy products. I normally take it with just water. However, the questions is if ...

Is it safe to take Metformin with Ibuprofen?

Posted 25 May 2005 by ltempest 5 answers

Is it safe will taking a course of metformin to take painkillers such as ibuprofen? My wife is currently on a course of metformin and has bad pains in her teeth with her wisdom tooth. Is it safe to take ibuprofen while still taking metformin?

Is Buspar and Zoloft ok to take together ? Is Anyone on this combination ? Drug interaction checker?

Posted 13 Jan 2012 by dream2727 3 answers

... say it a Major drug interaction between these two. My doctor prescribed me Buspar yesterday to take twice a day along with the Zoloft. Any information will be appreciated.

Can I take melatonin with Flagyl?

Posted 7 hours ago by Kathyp54 1 answer

I just started taking Flagyl for diverticulitis along with Cipro. I normally take melatonin at bed time along with tart cherry juice. Want to be sure there are no interactions.

Umeclidinium - Can I still use nebulae with salbutamol and ipatropiym?

Posted 14 days ago by Pville 1 answer

I hav a rash and don't know if it is a drug interaction

Tessalon Perles - 90 year old woman on pradaxa, simvistatin, cosair, vitamin d3. Pradaxa for afib!?

Posted 14 days ago by Jan wife 0 answers

... Allergies to Celebrex . Any known interaction with her meds?

Can I take Promacta with Synthroid, estrogen, Lyrica and tamsulosin...

Posted 2 Apr 2017 by kntmac 1 answer

... at the same time?

Antihistamines and high blood pressure?

Posted 29 Mar 2017 by Mikenkay 0 answers

Huperzine A - If I am presently taking Pyridostigmine 60 mg tablets (1 and 1/4) every four hours can

Posted 22 Mar 2017 by miraji 0 answers

What is the interaction of Huperzine with the drug I am presently taking?

Belviq - Interactions with other medications?

Posted 13 Mar 2017 by Pucketta83 1 answer

I take Zoloft, Lopressor, Protonix and naproxen... does anyone take these and have effects. I spoke to my doc about starting belviq but it's questionable cause I see good and bad reviews. I hope I get some answers before I go back to the doc. I'm 34 219lb and 4ft8in. Thnx in advance.

Interactions with Gilenya for over the counter medicine?

Posted 13 Mar 2017 by Lowery76 0 answers

What can I take for pain with Gilenya? Just started the pill for my MS and don't know a lot about it. Any information would be great on this because I really don't know what to do. Don't know how much more information you need but I'm told it's not long enough. What do you ...

Can Plavix be combined with pomegranate juice?

Posted 1 Mar 2017 by Lex Mulder 1 answer

I am on Plavix and Avapro and would like to take pomegranate juice for prostate problems. Is it safe to do so, no serious interactions?

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