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Corisone shot injection side effects, how long do they last? 9 days now?

Posted 7 Sep 2011 56 answers

I received shot in my hip on 8/29 and have slept only 2 hrs, a nite since then. I cannot even work now, job is very physical. Am nervous, shaky,whole body twitches. Finally decided to take Dr. advice and take Xanax last nite ( only 1/2 pill) It did calm me down and help me rest, but now feel out of ...

What are the side effects of a deep joint cortisone injection?

Posted 25 Jan 2014 3 answers

got a injection to "relieve pain" and shoulder is doing worse than before and doctors don't want to do surgery.

Anyone tried Prolia for osteoporosis? If so, did you have any side effects from it?

Posted 18 Jul 2012 43 answers

I've had problems with Fosamax and can't take Boniva due to kidney failure. But the Prolia is a 6 month injection or infusion, so I'm concerned about side effects. Thanks for any input.

Finding a pain management doctor who isn't scared to write prescriptions?

Posted 6 May 2011 18 answers

I am in MI, and been treated for pain with narcotic's after running the entire gamit of procedures, bio-feedback, injections, accupuncture, PT, etc, etc. I was on an acceptable regimen, and was able to function. Last year my brother was diagnosed with Reticular Sarcoma, very aggresive. I had ...

Anyone had botox injections for migraines and how long did it take to notice any benefit..?

Posted 18 Aug 2013 25 answers

I jus recently had them in june.. It was my first time and idk if it takes more than one treatment but I suffer more than 20 days a month with migraines and the neurologist is reluctant to try pain meds even tho I'm struggling to even sleep a full night without waking up vomiting...

How long do Depo side effects last?

Posted 2 Apr 2011 33 answers

I've been to many doctors who find it hard to believe I am still suffering from extreme side effects from Depo Provera, the birth control injection. I got the shot mid December, and since then my life has been reduced to the confines of my own home. I used to exercise 6-7 days a week and lived ...

Does Humira Injection cause weight gain?

Posted 13 Jul 2013 17 answers

I've seemed to be putting on unexplained weight. I've been on the injection for the last three months and I'm gaining weight now.

Synvisc-One - How long after getting the injection of Synvisc will the knee pain begin to subside?

Posted 8 Jun 2014 10 answers

I had the injection 4 days ago and the usual knee pain persists !

How long will a prednisone injection stay in your system?

Posted 24 Jan 2017 1 answer

Just had a prednisone shot/injection yesterdat around 3:30pm. Just wondering how long it will stay in my system? I'm having the tell age symptoms of the muscle aches, insomnia, and ear congestion. How long will the symptoms last and will I get moon face with just one shot?

KneeCortisone shot, is it common to have no pain then extreme pain for 16 hours & now hard to bend?

Posted 21 Aug 2012 3 answers

I got a cortisone shot in my knee yesterday. I had no pain from the shot or around my knee for 2 hours. Then my leg from the just above the ankle to my thigh started to ache in extreme pain , I could hardly walk, I could not straighten my leg at the knee, and near the sight of the injection became ...

I need help finding a pain doc who will write for meds, Pennsylvania?

Posted 14 Apr 2012 14 answers

I live near nothing, I really need some help finding a pain doc who will rx meds and due trigger point injections. I have had six major pelvic/abd surgery and now I have adhesions and severe pain. My pain doctor retired and his practice has changed the doc there said I should not get trigger point ...

EPIDURAL INJECTION FOR BACK PAIN QUESTION: Hi, I have had chronic lower back pain since an I had an?

Posted 7 Feb 2013 12 answers

... injury in '05. It was controlled with Mobic for years and then 4 years ago I had to start taking pain meds for it occasionally. Well in August of last year I fell twice and ended up with a bulging disc at L5-S1. My pain increased by a lot including severe sciatica of the left leg. After a ...

How long does it take to recover from b12 deficiency and it's symptoms?

Posted 14 Nov 2014 3 answers

A month ago I found out that my b12 level was very low at just 109. I was experiencing extreme weakness. I had also lost 5 kgs weight in 2 months. My doctor prescribed me an injection course for a month. I took 5 injections daily then 5 on alternate days, then weekly injections. I will get the last ...

Are there withdrawl symptoms with the Vivitrol Injection?

Posted 25 Feb 2012 5 answers

I am currently 78 hours off of Subutex after almost 3 years on Suboxone after checking into a detox center for Opiod dependency, and last Monday I told my doctor that I wanted to get off of the Subutex. I had been taking 2 mg 2 x a day or sometimes 1x a day and did pretty well. Now I am afraid that ...

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