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CEA Blood Tests, what is it testing for?

Posted 18 Nov 2017 by Thor283 2 answers

I got a bill of $146 for this one test. The doc didn't mention it to me. What is it for? What is it testing for? I have a lousy Dr. who has screaming fits, so I'm afraid to ask him. But I can't afford this test unless it's very important. Can anyone help?

I need info on Januvia?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by Thor283 0 answers

Regardless of what doctors say I know all drugs have negative effects. Maybe the most common is the body gets used to the drug and then can't stay without out. I'm pre-diabetic so my doc put me on 100 mg of Januvia once a day. My A1C blood levels went down but very little. So little that ...

Does Anyone Here Have Emphysema? I Need Real Advice?

Posted 4 Jul 2014 by Thor283 4 answers

I guess what I really want to know is if there are meds to help a person breathe better, other than the puffers? I've been taking Spiriva for years, and it helps. I was given Symbicort and it helped at 1st, but then not so much. For the past 2 years I've had extreme exhaustion, and I ...

Lactose Intolarance?

Posted 9 Sep 2014 by Thor283 3 answers

Does anyone know what exactly this means? I'm 62 and no Doc ever said I'm lactose intolerant. I may have a lot of not too bright docs. I don't get cramps from regular milk or half and half. I thought that was what lactose intolerance does to a person. Cramps. But a comedy TV show ...

MS symptoms + exhaustion all tied together?

Posted 6 Jan 2014 by Thor283 1 answer

Back in 2002 my right arm went numb and it started traveling down the right side on my body. Back then I had the tingles common with MS, and I also had no coordination of my right hand. I couldn't write, hold a fork, brush my teeth, and many other things. But I also had extreme pain in my ...

Hyzaar - I experienced hair loss on losartan hctz 100/25 mg and I have lost alot of hair and my hair

Posted 29 Oct 2011 by haircrazy 2 answers

... is very broken in the back is this just temporary? I was on Diovan hct with no problems before but the insurance comp. will not cover it until I try 2 new blood pressure med. crazy do I have no hair to be able to change back? Help. I really just want to know if it is just because the med. is ...

Can I take Atenol 50, Losarton 50 and Aldace 25mg instead of Hyzaar H ?

Posted 20 Jun 2013 by Janak Raj 1 answer

I am a 46 years old male who used to take Amlodipin AT. After a month or so I suffered with leg swelling. Then doctor referred Atenol 50 , Hyzaar H and Aldace 25 instead of Amlodipin AT. After 2 weeks I started having the symptoms of feeling weakness, feverish, my vision became weak and dizziness. ...

I have just received my first prescription of Hyzaar. Is it better to take in the morning or?

Posted 21 Mar 2013 by Ellsbeth 2 answers

... evening? I typically get up once or twice in the night to urinate and sometimes have trouble getting back to sleep

Hyzaar - Penicillin warning?

Posted 9 Oct 2012 by comfortcup 1 answer

I was prescribed Hyzaar for blood pressure, despite having shown a delayed hypersensitivity (serum sickness) to penicillin, ammoxycillin, and cephalosporins. The doctor doesn't think it should be a problem (50/12.5) -- anyone else have that issue?

It is safe to take a concor 5plus tab.and hyzaar 12.5/100 same day?

Posted 27 Mar 2012 by s3d3 1 answer

my sister heartbeat is over 100.and her blood preasure is also over 170 over90 during evening.and the doctor give her a concor 5plus tab.and hyzaar 12.5/ is safe to take those medicine at the same day?

Have AFIB had ablation n 6 cardioversions n still get AF. Take amiodarone. Anyone similar?

Posted 11 Jan 2012 by bostonterrier 3 answers

If so what meds do u take. Also take warafin,coreg n hyzaar.

What does hyzaar 100-12.5 target and what does hyzaar 50-12.5 target?

Posted 16 Oct 2011 by davidwim 1 answer

both are for blood pressure but treat differently what are their functions

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