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I have been taking Sertraline which is the generic brand for Zoloft because I have high anxiety and?

Posted 28 Mar 2011 by jackie469 3 answers

... lately i have waking up in the middle of the night sweating alot. I have been taking it for over 3 months i would say and never before have i been sweating. However my aunt told me its a side effect and not to worry. But is it serious or should i not worry about it?

Need help and opinion about why my feet stink with shoes on?

Posted 20 Apr 2012 by Alfon 16 answers

So my feet start to sweat and i tried all kinds of remidies and by the way im 17 years old. When i go to school my feet start sweating and it smell so bad even with my shoes on. Plus i wash my feet everyday with anti-bacterial soap.Its embarrassing that no one want to sit close to me. I just bought ...

How do the women handle under arm hair while using Drysol?

Posted 14 hours ago by kincade98 1 answer

I have tried shaving as well as nair and they both actions that I have done have caused the application of Drysol painful.

Contrave - What happens once you stop the Rx? How long do you take this Rx?

Posted 17 days ago by smithsilver 1 answer

I am about to start my prescription. Most of the side effects I read here are similar to what I had while I took Wellbutrin for several years (sweating, sensitive to smells, impatient) that I never knew were side effects of Wellbutrin. (I gained 6 lbs my first month off of Wellbutrin, which was a ...

Depo Provera and Plan B. I took both cause I panicked?

Posted 13 days ago by Mydogisfat 1 answer

I was on day 21 of the depo shot when I took Plan B. Now it's 10 days later I have extreme nausea, headaches and sweating. This is all side effects and not pregnancy, right?

I havery arthritis on my facet joints and it's gotta be hitting a nerve for sure. It is so painful?

Posted 14 days ago by tammy189 1 answer

... without and meds. My body just hurts so bad that I will just start sweating and I wanna curl into a ball and die. I have had cortisone shots 3 times in the same area that didn't work by 2 diffrent dr.s. then just had the procedure were they burn the nerves on each side. Well that sucked to ...

Lymph Node - Hi I'm 18 and have swollen neck and groin nodes any ideas? I'm a male?

Posted 12 days ago by Bozeman1 0 answers

No night sweats nodes in groin get big sometimes but goes back down after awhile and feels soft and movable again neck nodes are the word they kimda hurt sometimes and there swollen on both sides I do have headaches some night but no weight loss or nothing

Do hot flashes diminish/ stop once Letrozole treatment is completed? How long til improvement?

Posted 15 days ago by MWNoonan 0 answers

I feel very blessed that the only side effects I had while taking Letrozole were night sweats and daily hot flashes. Today is my first week free from taking Letrozole. I am hoping that the hot flashes will diminish or stop completely. Any feedback is welcome. Also, my internist put me on ...

What are the side affects comming off citalopram 10 mg come off it slow a week on got really dizzy?

Posted 17 days ago by Blackpool beach 0 answers

... head and sweating help is this normal got very tired eyes going away in 2 weeks will I still feel like this

Paroxetine - I am 75 years old and still have hot flashes/night sweats pretty bad as hair is wet?

Posted 7 Jun 2017 by want to feel good 0 answers

Doctor gave me prescription for Paroxetine HCL 10 MG, and concerned that this will make me drowsy next morning as need to drive.

Is there something similar to Cymbalta that doesn't cause excessive sweating?

Posted 24 May 2017 by Total Crab 1 answer

I took it for years for my arthritis pain, but finally couldn't take the sweating anymore. I weaned off from it but now my mood is out of control. I have anxieties that I didn't have before. What should I take for the crabbiness??

This is my third week on Prozac 10mg experiencing sweating, nervous, and still have some negative?

Posted 22 May 2017 by tunnels 1 answer

This is my third week on Prozac 10mg experiencing sweating nervous bad thoughts, not as bad, little appetite, of course loss some weight. how long does these side effects last?

Gabapentin - I am experiencing horrible sweating..even in cool conditions..pouring off my face?

Posted 11 Jul 2013 by Imlmcooper 6 answers

Anyone else experiencing this? It is embarrassing having sweat pour off your gets wet.

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