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Is food coloring bad for you?

Adderall - makes me moody & can't stand myself, causing family problems, anyone else felt like this?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - hello.i take 25 mg of adderall xr in the morning... and 20 mg in the afternoon.this meds makes me real ill and moody where i cant stand myself! it has caused alot of trouble with my family,has anyone felt like this before... And I have bad hot... read more

Can a person get "wired" while taking alprazolam?

My wife was prescribed alprazolam about 2 weeks ago. They were for anxiety relief. The Dr. prescribed 1 mg twice a day but she takes them only once per day at night. It does help her sleep all night but when she wakes up she is wired like she is on "speed". She talks non-stop and is... read more

Can Adderall 30mg be prescribed 3x a day for adult ADD?

Vyvanse - How fast does your tolerance build up, how do you recognize the signs & cope with it?

In september my doctor prescribed Vyvanse for my add and i started treatment at 30mg. The next week, she increased my dosage to 40mg and I stayed at that dosage until the end of october when i then went up to 60mg. The jump from 40mg to 60mg seemed to do the trick, my focus and energy were amazing,... read more

Adderall - can this make your heart race, is my dose too high?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - I have just been diagnosed with ADD. This is my 3rd day of taking adderall 10mg in the morning. It is wonderful and helped me so much, except my heart feels racey. Is this common? Is it possibly because of the dosage or maybe the time release would... read more

Equivalent mg to mg comparison for Adderall and Vyvanse?

Can anyone tell me the equivalent mg to mg comparison for Adderall and Vyvanse. Which would be better for severe ADHD, 50 mg Adderall or 70 mg Vyvanse?

Strattera, Concerta or Adderall XR - Which worked best for you?

Hi, I've decided to start taking meds for my ADHD (I've been tested by a psychiatrist as a child and as an adult and am most definitely ADHD). At the moment I'd choose between Strattera, Concerta and Adderall XR which is the one recommended by the psych. who last tested me as it is... read more

ADHD - Is my Adderall dosage is too high?

So I'm 25, I have SEVERE anxiety issues, panic attacks, and I was on anti depressants for 3 years. My doctor then decided I was "happy" enough to go off them and he began me on treatment for my ADHD. I am on Adderall XR 20mg a day, and Xanax .25 as needed (I have been on xanax for... read more

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I have been taking generic Adderall for 20+ years..

30mg x 2 IR. I want to ask my doctor what could be added for a longer effect. ER gives me headaches as far as generic Adderall. This is a good medicine, for me, but the time frame is not lasting like it did. Any help you can offer I would like to take to my doctor for his consideration. Thank you... read more

Adderall XR for ADD - feet and calves keep cramping, why?

Just started on Adderall XR for my ADD (20mgs per day) 2 days ago, the first night I went to sleep fine (not surprising seeing I take 50mgs of Seroquel and 40mgs of Prozac at bedtime), last night thou no sleep at all till 7:30 am because my feet and calves keep cramping... Any ideas why? I took... read more

Is anyone on Vyvanse? Thinking about switching from Adderall

Is anyone on vyvanse? I'm thinking about switching from adderall nc it's not helping, but I heard vyvanse was very strong please enlighten me?? Thanks so much!!

If I switch doctors will I be able to continue with adderall?

I am unhappy with my neurologist however, he has prescribed me adderall 10 mg 2 times a day and to be honest I am much more organized, I tend to pay attention longer and I am able to comprehend what I hear instead of drifting off into space. If I switch doctors will I be able to still be able to... read more

Vyvanse - Is breathing hard a side effect of it?

My child takes 40mg of vyvanse and since she has started breathing really hard off of it. But when she don't take it she still breaths hard. is this a side effect of it?

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