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Can Adderall 30mg be prescribed 3x a day for adult ADD?

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ESDCA 17 April 2022

My wife just started taking 3x30mg a day. She hasn't slept in the first few days since. Should I be concerned? She already has insomnia and takes Lunesta. But also consumes quite a bit of caffeine and sugar. I'm worried about her and trying to get more information. She definitely has ADHD.

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adhdanxietylife 20 Nov 2021

I know this is an very old question, however felt compelled to respond as there is not much on the web (from what I have found). I have severe ADHD which has been problematic to say the least. I am prescribed 30mg 3 x a day. This dosage actually has been the only amount to truly work on me to provide a calming effect, focus on a task or actually put something to paper. Otherwise its a nightmare to even try to write an important two line text or email to my boss or colleagues without "acting out/"Rainman seeing water in the tub" if my loving wife passes by to say she loves me or a blue jay makes a sudden noice from an open window. Even with this dosage of Adderall, it takes a lot of effort combined with alone time or silence to complete a task that takes others 10 minutes. Taking this amount only works if external situations are set up to make this happen. Waking up earlier than others is recommended or crushing it while everyone else in the office is out to lunch.


If the situation is not set up to deliver, I personally feel 90mg is a waste and not worth the additional rick or raising your tolerance. On days in which I am depended on more for personality, I can take 15mg x 15mg x 15mg 15mg as long as the doses are carved out in the AM or I'll easily forget where I am at or if I even took any. Its pretty ironic for individuals to have to rely on remembering to take three separate doses for their "attention-deficit" medication but that alone is a nightmare. I rely on two trusted handlers - My wife at home and a close collogue at work. I keep a back up with both. I make sure to take a day off a week as a "holiday" which sometimes is great and sometimes is a nightmare as it may be my only day to get organized at home. I hope this helps and it all comes down to the severity level of ADD or ADHD individual.

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Drkatzjr27 14 Sep 2021

Adderall IR can, in some patients, be prescribed at 90mg daily.

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BellaL0213 9 Feb 2020

I have been diagnosed with adhd for about three decades now. ( right I take Vyvanse 70 mg) and 30mg at 4 pm.

40mg is not the full dose daily!! That’s obserd! In my professional and personal opinion! It depends on your psychiatrist ( who has a license) and I as well. Also; the FDA states the maximum for instant release is 120mg.
A lot of pharmacies have there own opinions
And judge!

40mg’s is for a child!

Unless your a psychiatrist and have been fully tested and get your heart checked regularly. Ect. ( and also have adhd! DONT JUDGE)

90 mg is fine hun!

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Futuresphd 19 Nov 2017

Absolutely. Period

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Inactive 8 Dec 2012

Yes, my doctor RX me 2 30 mg instant release, one forst thing in am , and one at noon. It has turned my life around. Sometimes, I will slip a third one in, depending on how late I am out, but I know people that take 150-200 a day. Im not suggesting this, but with good nutrition and good heart it is fairly harmless , but everyone is different so ask a professional, cheers RC

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wavespell 10 Feb 2013

How do you go about procuring more than 60 mg of Adderall a day? Personally, I need 60mg 3 times PD, but in Alabama, doctors and some pharmacists have access to PDMP, which keeps up with what, when, where, and who of your controlled substances. You'd never get away procuring and filling 2 prescriptions per month.

tazc23 23 Oct 2012

Yes because I was on that dosage for several months, But I also have to take blood pressure medicines, like nifedipine and clonidine, to control headaches and hypertension, adderall is very addictive so you need to use it with care especially if given to a young person. It needs to be administered along with therapy because the medicine itself is not a cure-all, It just helps with some of the symptoms During stressful situations. I have since learned how to control my ADHD without the help of drugs. However my blood pressure never did return to normal where I had no issues with hypertension before I started taking Adderall.

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sistine2181 24 April 2012

There isn't a legal dosage limit on Adderall. However, too high a dose can hinder the effectiveness of the drug; Taking Adderall more frequently increases you risk for tolerance. Taking too high a dose can damage your receptors. Eventually 30mg might not work for you creating a vicious cycle.

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Futuresphd 19 Nov 2017

Amen. Discussion is done. Read and ypur answer is here.

BellaL0213 9 Feb 2020

Actually the legal fda limit is 120mg a day.

sweetnsexy 24 Feb 2012

I am currently on 60 mg. of adderall per morning time. When I told the doc we may need to raise my dosage he told me I was on the max dose. So yea 90 mg. a day is to much even though I abuse it and take up to 300mg a day.

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Caradamo 1 Nov 2016

So what happens when you run out

Kymmysue003 20 Oct 2017

I am prescribed 3 30 mg instants a day... of course I only take 2 - 3 speeds me to a not good point. My fiance abuses it though - has taken 20 a day before of 30 mg instants, 20 mg instants, xr's ... and has high blood pressure.

Kymmysue003 20 Oct 2017

When he runs out he gets horribly sick, headaches, pains, SLEEPS constantly, angers quickly (already has anger problems) so yeah its bad

voodoolily 25 Dec 2018

Just read this on Christmas day 2018. Have you or your fiance had a heart attack or stroke or worse, yet?

Danni926 12 Nov 2011

this really depends on your diagnosis... the FDA maximum dosage is a guideline but not the holy grail of dosage criteria, especially with multiple-indication medication... for example, people who take stimulant meds for narcolepsy often take a much higher dose than people who are prescribed stimulant meds for ADHD...

as long as you are working with your HCP on your dosage, there is no right or wrong amount... some people have a slower metabolism and lower tolerance and find efficacy on a low dose, while other people, myself included, have a very high metabolism and take what is considered to be a higher dose (60 mg +)... this is for your HCP and u to decide...

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Rajive Goel 11 Nov 2011

In general, the dosage of Adderall should not be more than 40 mg per day total. The first dose of the day should be taken first thing in the morning. If taking Adderall two or three times a day, the next doses should be given after four to six hours.

However, please also check it with a doc/pharmacist who prescribed the med., take care.

Best wishes!

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BellaL0213 9 Feb 2020

I’m sorry your saying 40mg instant release adderall - is the highest dose someone should take?!

I’m sorry but you have don’t have adhd do you?
That’s absolutely ridiculous. May be your opinion. But ( instant release has a half life of about 4 hours) so yes if someone does have adhd - ( There are other drugs, if prescribed by a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD) and also testing is done) the normal dose can be 90mg. 30mg 3x daily is Normal!

Also ( 120 Is the maximum dose.)

You can also take Vyvanse 70mg tablet in the morning and a 30mg at 4 or 5 pm of adderall instant release! And yes I have been thoroughly tested! Yes I do see a psychiatrist
He specializes in it! free discount card

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