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Does Bijuva contain bio-identical hormones?

What exactly are bio-identical hormones?

Burning Mouth Syndrome - I had an Oral Surgeon tell me BMS was caused by your body coming off of...

... hormone therapy. Since I have read and been told this terrible infliction of pain to your mouth(tongue) 95% in post-menopausal women it makes some sense. Has anyone else been told this?

I found out I have high male hormones and hair loss should I take spironolactone?

Please help! A year ago I started getting cystic acne on my neck and then I noticed oily skin and acne on my back and then my hair started shedding. I used to only have to wash my hair once every four days and it has gotten to the point that I now have to wash every single day. I'm... read more

Does minoxidil have anything to do with hormones?

I am 18 and am currently experiencing hair loss at the center of my hairline. It's beginning to lose in a triangular shape (as of now) where my hairline would be the base. My question would be, does this product have anything to do with your hormones? Meaning does the imbalance of hormones... read more

Plan B One-Step - Does the pill work if you only take half of it?

I weigh 115 pounds and I didn't want to take the whole thing because it has such a high hormone dosage I was afraid of side effects. I also don't get a regular period.

Wegovy - Male 67, Started 2 months ago, on the 1.0 now. I am starting to get cold chill spells and?

... then later hot flashes.. I think this is a hormone reaction, regardless I have lost over 20 pounds in two months, would this be losing too fast?

FAQs for Ovulation Home Testing Kit

Paroxetine - How long until Paxil takes effect?

I was on HRT to control hot flashes but my doctor took me off the hormones and put me on Paxil. I have been on the drug for 6 weeks and have noticed that the frequency of hot flashes have increased. How long until it takes effect? I am 64 and still suffering from hot flashes!

Lithium and Synthroid interaction?

Does anyone know if lithium suppresses or destroys thyroxine hormone production? I am curious about this interaction, because reducing lithium (medical advice) for short periods of times, with Synthroid remaining at same dose, hyperactivity, insomnia, and tingling seem to increase. How can we... read more

What to do if bupropion stops working for sexual dysfunction?

From raging hormones to nothing... Back story. I had a hysterectomy at age 27 I'm now two months shy of 42. After the hysterectomy I opted to not take hormones because of risks involved. I have not had a sex drive since. I finally mustered up the courage to inquire with my doctor and was... read more

Propranolol - My thyroid hormone is a little high and its increasing my heart rate and all of that…

... kind of stuff. Will propranolol help?

Does emergency contraceptive pill irregular your menstrual cycle for more than 3 months?

So I have taken unwanted-72 which is an emergency contraceptive pill contains levenogestral synthetic hormone in the month of September after that I got my periods in the month of October it was one day delayed from the expected date. In the month of November and December I got it early from the... read more

How do I treat Hypothyroidism?

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