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My child is taking 300mg of gabapentin three times a day, for five wks but is sad, what do I do?

Posted 4 Oct 2016 by Motherstollings 2 answers

As a parent what can I give my child to help her feel normal while taking gabapentin for pain that is associated with her herniated disc? She is only seventeen and been on pills for over five weeks now.

Back Pain - Good morning! I've been going to a pain clinic for herniated discs...L4-5, of

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Jend1979 3 answers

L4-5, L5-S1, according to a two year old MRI. I've been feeling kind of put off by the doc. He has only spent 3-4 minutes with me, and in the meantime I'm suffering... I demanded another appointment, since my MRI and follow up are almost a month away, but my question is this... how do you ...

MRI-Pinched Nerves through out my body?

Posted 11 Mar 2016 by Lake Norman 8767 3 answers

After years of going to specialist, and having 4 MRI's on my Neck, Shoulder, Lowerback, and UpperBack. All MRI's show Bulging disc's pinched nerves, degeneration disc disease, herniated disc's, osteoarthritis and Bone Spurs. Just went on Gabapintin. BUT here is my question 1. ...

Why won't a FNP continue my muscle relaxer or 800mg Ibuprofen prescription?

Posted 22 Dec 2015 by markheavyd 0 answers

I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs a couple of years ago, and was prescribed the generic form of Flexoril to use during the muscle spasms I sometimes get. I went to a FNP for the first time and was told that she would not continue this treatment. She prescribed Diclofenac Sodium DR 75 mg. Doesn ...

When stopping tramadol, will it cause you to have seizures? I take two 50 MG a day. some days I don?

Posted 18 Apr 2016 by Sedonasun 2 answers

I was told that tramadol is bad medicine . Causes you to have seizures after you quit taking it. I have a lot of pain from arthritis herniated disc gout in my ankles , pain in my hips, but I do not want to take this if it causes severe side effects .

Husband just started taking Gabapentin, this is day 2. Has anyone experienced quick short?

Posted 27 Apr 2016 by New Gabapentin user 2 answers

... breathing-like trying to catch your breath while they were sleeping? Has anyone else had this. Taking it for upper back pain that just staryed due to bulging/herniated disc.

I have a severe herniated disc. Is there a support group for this or other spinal problems?

Posted 3 Apr 2016 by Profbev51 2 answers

I have a severely herniated disc in my spine, and I am in constant pain, which is getting harder to live with. Is there a support group for this or other spinal issues? The back support group at is just too vague for me . I am really looking for a support group which really is more ...

Pain in upper left hand side of stomach?

Posted 7 Apr 2016 by NotSoFunnyGuy 1 answer

I have been having pain in the upper left hand side of my stomach and was wondering what this could be caused from. I have a herniated disc in my lower right back that causes chronic pain and was wondering if they are possibly related. Symptoms started about 3 days ago and continue to persist. I ...

Are there any other treatment options for herniated discs?

Posted 26 Mar 2016 by Jesishur 1 answer

Im a 22 year old female. I first got pregnant November 2013. Early 2014 is when my disc originally became herniated. Leg pain, hip pain, and stuck in a "stoop" posture for long periods of time. After I had the baby in 8/2014, it eased up a little but I became pregnant again by the end of ...

Is surgery the best route for me?

Posted 29 Dec 2015 by meaganashworth72 3 answers

I hurt my back about 5 weeks ago after picking up on something. I've since had horrible back and leg pain. I've been told that it could be a herniated disc and that it could take week or years to heal. I cannot wait that long because I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old that depend on me ...

Is my herniated disc getting worse or is this something else?

Posted 28 Feb 2016 by horngirl232 1 answer

Last year I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck. It wasn't bad then, but now I can pick up anything over 5 or 10 lbs up because a dull pulling pain in my left forearm.

Is a dosage of 2400mg of neurotin daily in 3 doses to treat pain from herniated discs correct?

Posted 7 Mar 2013 by debnow 3 answers

My 38 year old daughter has 2 herniated discs in her back and her doctor has prescribed neurotin in 3 daily doses of 800 mg. This seems excessive to me and she is experiencing muscle twitches, as well as falling asleep in church and I am concerned for her safety. The neurotin is also doing nothing ...

Pain - Male, age 69. Was in reasonably good shape before following happened to me?

Posted 31 Oct 2015 by rabnud88 1 answer

Following covers close to a 9 year period and has been progressive. Currently have stenosis and bulging disks at all levels of lumbar spine and a total hip replacement. As a group, the hip replacement and the lumbar problems have created chronic nerve pain from just above waist to feet. Left leg is ...

Lower back pain with trouble urinating?

Posted 4 Jun 2015 by wolfebeth 5 answers

I have degenerative disc disease herniated discs and bulging discs. I don't have any reflexes left in either leg, some incontinence. Now I cant pee at all! today my back pain flared up a lot I have been in horrible pain all of a sudden now I cant pee. I just don't know what to do!!! HELP ...

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