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Herniated Disc Questions

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Herniated disc - I don't want surgery, but what other options do I have?!?

Posted 11 Jan 2013 by Krissy125 7 answers

I am 27 years old and a single mother of two. I also work in daycare full time. Needless to say my life is spent bending and lifting. Well, last year in October I was diagnosed with sciatica and the cause of it was a herniated disc. My right foot and leg are numb and my back has severe pain. I ...

I need help and I don't know what to do. Anxiety has me not wanting to be near anyone at all?

Posted 25 Oct 2017 by 2sexy4myshirt33 2 answers

I have bulging disks and deteriorating disks in my back and obstructive sleep apnea and high blood pressure and anxiety and depression and pre diabetes and am currently unemployed since December have applied for disability but denied and my wife and I separated but living together for 3 years. I ...

Herniated Disc - I was diagnosed 2 years ago with a bulging disc in my lower back. This then?

Posted 13 Aug 2017 by Janeywom 2 answers

... coincided with me starting prednisone for my arthritis long term and haven't had issues since. 3/4 weeks ago I started down dosing as I'm not keen on being on them long term. Day 3 and backs gone again. I have pain in both legs, lower back and a numbness in my bottom and my bowels are ...

Please help! I have had lower back pain pretty much for 20 years now. I've had MRI's and X-rays.

Posted 17 Jul 2017 by CimmySue 2 answers

All that it's shown I have 2 herniated discs and swelling around some of the vertebrae. I've done physical therapy n taken my share of pain meds n it seemed to help at the time. Within the last month or so I went to stretch and "pop" my back which I've done so many times ...

I have a herniated disc with severe lower back pain should I take 500mg naproxen or 10mg cyclobenz?

Posted 1 Jan 2017 by Usps 1 answer

My herniated disc has not been hurting for about 4 months but the pain has come back with lower back pain and it's hard to bend over and move just wondering if I should take 10 milligrams cyclobenzaprine or 500 milligrams Naproxen

Methylprednisolone - I'm on my 6th dose pak in 10 weeks. Doctors keep saying I can't take anymore?

Posted 1 Mar 2017 by the4carpenters 1 answer

... but yet they keep prescribing them to me. Is there a limit to the amount I can take or is there serious risks in continuing? I'm waiting on insurance to approve fusion of 3 disc in my cspine. Steroid is the only thing helping the pain.

Myopathy - I have recently started having a lot of pain and various problems including peripheal?

Posted 1 Apr 2017 by KM7879 0 answers

... neuropathy, chest pain, some drop foot and pain numbness/tingling through my right arm and right leg due to herniated discs and spinal cord indentation in T6-T7, T8-T9, and L4-L5. In the past couple weeks Ive noticed the muscles on the right side of my body have gotten much more tight and sore ...

Pain meds for Bulging disk c4-c5?

Posted 12 Nov 2016 by Tlgoad4 3 answers

So my question is what is the normal medication for this I take ibuprofen and zanaflex but I will be going to a pm soon And how often is surgery?

Herniated Disc - I have cervical degenerative disc disease on C5 and no disc at all in C6. In C6 the

Posted 30 Dec 2016 by Shanbeam 2 answers

... stuff has come out on both sides. I went to see an orthopaedic surgeon who said I have no option but to have surgery. He then just emailed me the procedure and wanted an answer on the next appointment. I done my own research not only on him but the surgery and I decided against it. On my next ...

Meloxicam - Has anyone experienced weight loss after taking Mobic?

Posted 24 Mar 2016 by AliciaA73 1 answer

I've been taking for 5 months now and I've lost 30 something pounds within 3-4 months. But I'm now having alot of swelling and so much pain in my back ( have 4 herniated disc and 2 bulging in my neck). I can't stand all this pain.

Dizziness, fatigue after lumbar epidural steroid shot?

Posted 18 Dec 2016 by Nira shah 0 answers

I have herniated disc issue in lumbar L4-L5 3 months back . My orthopedic doctor prescribed steroid tablet for 5 days and after that dyclofenac tablet for 5 weeks. Everything was going good with the medicine and physical therapy. Suddenly I started feeling tingling,numbness and pinching in all over ...

Methylprednisolone - By the 2nd day of a 6 day pack, should I be getting relief from sciatica?

Posted 12 Apr 2016 by Art4thesoul 1 answer

- herniated disc sciatica?I have a possible herniated disc and just had the x-rays and MRI today. My orthopaedic Surgeon said I would feel 18 again with this but I am still in constant pain, trying to carry on with normal activities, including driving, walking without a limp,working, cooking and ...

Any side effects or even long term side effects by using cloxacillin for 6 weeks?

Posted 14 Nov 2016 by Wing Chi 1 answer

My 28 yrs old son has suffered severe pain due to herniated disc, but after MRI doctor said he has abdominal abscess in his lower spine between disc, they rejected to do biopsy to determine what type of bacteria it is as risk is too high than good. Now they treat him with cloxacillin for 6 weeks ...

My child is taking 300mg of gabapentin three times a day, for five wks but is sad, what do I do?

Posted 4 Oct 2016 by Motherstollings 2 answers

As a parent what can I give my child to help her feel normal while taking gabapentin for pain that is associated with her herniated disc? She is only seventeen and been on pills for over five weeks now.

Back Pain - Good morning! I've been going to a pain clinic for herniated discs...L4-5, of

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Jend1979 3 answers

L4-5, L5-S1, according to a two year old MRI. I've been feeling kind of put off by the doc. He has only spent 3-4 minutes with me, and in the meantime I'm suffering... I demanded another appointment, since my MRI and follow up are almost a month away, but my question is this... how do you ...

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