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Hepatitis Questions


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What types of Hepatitis C does Mavyret treat?

Posted 10 Oct 2017 1 answerFAQ by

Can I drink beer after curing alcoholic hepatitis?

Posted 12 Oct 2017 by AP1983 1 answer

I suffered alcoholic hepatitis around 2 years back and it cured. Can I drink beer or wine once in a week or occasionally?

What types of Hepatitis C does Vosevi treat?

Posted 20 Sep 2017 1 answerFAQ by

Hepatitis C and Tonsillitis vs. Harvoni?

Posted 7 Oct 2017 by kolobok1992 1 answer

I've have hepC for 5 years. I've started a treatment with Harvoni 3 weeks ago. After two weeks of treatment I have Undetected virus results. Also i have tonsillitis and scared of hec C going back because of it. Can it be real can hep c virus sit in my sick tonsils or will it be cured in ...

Hepatitis B - Can the disease be transferred through saliva?

Posted 25 Sep 2017 by Lloyd1976 1 answer

Can hepatitis be transferred through saliva? Or if someone slept in your spare room?

Hepatitis B Adult Vaccine - How long would someone expect to have the side effects for? I am?

Posted 10 Aug 2017 by njgillette 0 answers

... particularly interested in ... hearing issues, fullness in the ear, ringing in the ears. My symptoms came on a few days after my second shot, off and on to the point now 3 weeks later, its like I'm hearing underwater

I have finished 12 weeks of Harvoni it's been 7 days since my last and final dose had labs done Tue?

Posted 22 Jul 2017 by bobo1975 1 answer

As of today I have been told that I am hepatitis C free I have to follow up in 12 weeks to follow up to see if I'm cured anybody that has any questions or doubts about these medications take them I was fortunate enough not to have bad side effects slightly fatigued no headaches no nausea but ...

Can I receive hepatitis b vacine at any time because I am in Forteo treatment?

Posted 20 Jun 2017 by Alimarca 0 answers

I am posted for cervical surgery and I in treatment with Forteo because I have severe osteopenia with a densitometry in -2.3

Autoimmune Hepatitis - Methotrexate and Imuran Questions?

Posted 28 Apr 2017 by aswindall 0 answers

I've had autoimmune Hepattis for over 10 years now and have been on Azathioprine for 5. Usually I am admitted for a week and the flare up goes away. Since May of last year (2016) I've had a really bad flare up that won't go away. My azathioprine has been increased from 50mg to 175mg ...

A woman I've wanted to be with is ready, but has mentioned that her regular partner has hepatitis.?

Posted 29 Apr 2017 by THEBurg 0 answers

... She did not say which variety, but assuming B for now. She did not say that she was infected, but she also did not say that she wasn't. I've had the vaccine, so not too worried about contracting, but I AM worried about carrying it to my regular partner. Can someone work through the ...

Hepatitis C - Hello.. I have a secondary condition, called cryoglobulinemia, that is associated with

Posted 1 Mar 2017 by Zillasaurus 3 answers

... hep C. Does anyone else have this? I am interested in knowing about other people's experience with it. How did your symptoms present/ progress? Did they go away during hep c treatment? The information I've found on the internet is very clinical, and the pictures scare me a little ...

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