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Hepatitis Questions

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What is the difference between hepatitis B and C?

What are the new drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C?

Why there is no vaccine for hepatitis C?

How contagious is hepatitis C and how do you prevent it?

Is the hepatitis C virus curable?

What causes hepatitis C - how do you get or catch it?

Are the symptoms the same for hepatitis B and C?

What is a "Hepatitis C Genotype" and why is it important?

How long can hepatitis C live outside the body?

What type of Hepatitis C is Zepatier used to treat?

What types of hepatitis C (HCV) does Vosevi treat?

What types of Hepatitis C does Mavyret treat?

Liver Cirrhosis - I have low grade cirrhosis. I take six 50mg tramadol per day for pain. Will this?

... damage my liver more than it already is? I was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis but no hepatitis

Mavyret - Does anyone take marijuana with their medication?

I'm 62 years old and stage two with Hepatitis C. I will be starting the treatment in a few days .

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