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What is a normal heart rate/pulse?

Why does ozanimod slow down your heart rate?

I took prednisone for 5 days, 40 mg a day. I have been having side effects for the last week.?

... Heart rate elevation, tremors, intermittent elevated blood pressure , fatigue, And anxiety. How long does this go on for?How long should I expect these side effects to last?

Metoprolol - Does anyone else experience vivid nightmares while taking this med?

I started taking this medicine 25 mg 2x a day due to a fast heart rate and I have SEVERE anxiety. The doctors did many tests in my 3 day hospital stay and everything came back normal! I was so scared yes everything was ok but again no one knew why I had a fast heart rate so they said I have severe... read more

Propranolol for reducing constant high heart rate caused by anxiety?

I have been prescribed 40 mg Propranolol onece per day for high heart rate due to anxiety. This isn’t just a high heart rate during a panic attack- it is a constantly high HR and started after a long period of extreme anxiety. I am interested to see if anyone else has a higher HR all the time... read more

Does Atenolol cause low heart rate?

Cardiologist prescribed Atenolol for constant Pcvs. However my heart rate is typically between 30-40 which I was told was caused by PCVS. Just wondering if this is really a safe option and how this could possibly help.

My heart rate is above 110 at all times in rest and has been to 140 with general stroll?

I walk short distances only due to my health I'm taking 6 gabapentine that are 300mg then 1 tramodol at 500mg also 8 paracetamol 500mg and 2 amytriptelene at 25mg then a 50mg at night are any of the meds a possible answer to this or is it a fresh medical problem that may have occurred it... read more

Zofran - how long does it takr got zogtan to leave your system I a, haveing bad side affects?

Heart rate sweats chills cant sleep shakeing throwing up mucus in diarea

How long does a 20mg propranolol stay in your system?

I took one yesterday and tonight, my heart rate is below 60. It’s never that low. I haven’t taken a propranolol today because of the lowered heart rate but wanted to know if it’s from that.

What level of slow heart rate (bradycardia) is considered dangerous?

I have been taking bystolic for several months to control anxiety and panic attacks/heart arrhythmias related to Mitral Valve Prolapse. My blood pressure seems to be OK, but my heart rate has steadily decreased over time to 47 bpm. My primary care physician is concerned, but my cardiologist is not.... read more

Anyone experiencing rapid heart rate after working out while taking Wellbutrin XL 300mg?

I've been on the 300mg dosage for about a week now and I feel better than I did on the 150mg (extremely nauseous and anxious) I do feel more awake and have more energy. I haven't experienced insomnia if I work out during he day. My question is after working out (I run and do HIIT) I feel... read more

Anyone experience weird heart rate/irregular heart beat when they began buspirone>

I began taking buspirone about 4 days ago. Taking 10mg morning and night. I struggle with anxiety. I do feel like my anxiety has been better, but I cannot get more than 5-4 hours of sleep at night. I also noticed my heart rate has been lower most of the time, which is fine. But last night while I... read more

If the pulse rate goes below 60, do you not take a digoxin pill?

In the hospital, the nurse would take his heart rate and if the rate was below 60, they wouldn't give him a digoxin pill in the late afternoon.

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