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Does Atenolol cause low heart rate?

Posted 1 May 2014 by jfinc2 2 answers

Cardiologist prescribed Atenolol for constant Pcvs. However my heart rate is typically between 30-40 which I was told was caused by PCVS. Just wondering if this is really a safe option and how this could possibly help.

Coud the amlodipine slow down the heart rate?

Posted 8 Nov 2014 by gomezju47 1 answer

My uncle suffering from high blood pressure 140/80 and he told u that his heart beating too fast and

Posted 15 Jan 2014 by dipesh yadav 1 answer

... sime time chest pain as well as his vein moving in his every part body like earthworm walking so advice him plz

Any one on bupropion 75 mg immediate release?

Posted 15 days ago by Julie75 1 answer

I would like to know if any one is on bupropion 75 mg ? I was put on by my doc for depression and weigh loss. He wanted to start me on a low dose. Is a 99 -108 heart rate normal side effect and chest tightness? How long till the weight loss side effect kicks in? Thanks .

Does losartan potassium 50mg 12.5 cause rapid heart rate irregular heartbeat low blood pressure?

Posted 21 Sep 2017 by Bold43 1 answer

I take lorsartan 50mg 12.5 with potassium in it once a day my question is that does it have any affects on your heart like rapid heart rate irregular heartbeat lower your pressure below normal does it cause you to stay dizzy threw out the day..what are some of the possible most common side effects ...

Bisoprolol - hypertension and permanent fatigue?

Posted 10 Sep 2017 by happymallet 0 answers

Had a blood clot near heart several years ago, stent inserted. Now on 1.5mg bisoprolol and 2,5 rampril, 75mg asprin and 40mg statins daily. Heart rate and Pulse is always extremely low, blood pressure high. I am tall and skinny 70 yr old. Pemanently knackered and don't sleep well.

How long do I have to take Eliquis?

Posted 8 Sep 2017 by callycocal 0 answers

I had a-fib only over night because electrolytes were out of balance. Heart rate converted back once given potassium. It has been 1.5 years since that happened and no recurrence and I do not take potassium. I'm a 66yr old white female and have never had any cardiac problems. Only have slight ...

My resting heart rate has been running as low as 56 and than upto 87 I feel really tired and shaky?

Posted 22 Jul 2017 by barbpara 0 answers

I am on blood pressure medications

Is my heart beating to much caused by anxiety?

Posted 19 Aug 2017 by Mccormickem 1 answer

I do not take any medications. Every once in a while I experience heart palpitations and chest pain, I do have anxiety and experience it a lot, my resting heart rate has been 89 bpm, I just wanted to know if that's normal or bad?

Would a 113/83 bp and 112 hr causing light headed feeling all day?

Posted 9 Aug 2017 by AliceInWonderland23 1 answer

First off, i typical have great blood pressure usually in the 120s/70s. Also my normal heart rate tends to be 80- 100bpm. Normally I've been feel light headed a little depersonalized lately. They've been looking into focal awareness seziures in me. I was out to Walmart shopping around ...

Fast heart rate and severe pain?

Posted 6 Aug 2017 by Anmariebaby 0 answers

I'm in the hospital and I had an episode. Without beta blockers my heart rate stays from 44 to 60 and today I got sweaty and got. Couldn't breathe. My heart was racing. It felt like something moved and I almost fell out... My heart rate went up to 120 is this normal? Something is wrong ...

Anyone experiencing rapid heart rate after working out while taking Wellbutrin XL 300mg?

Posted 11 Jul 2017 by drom23 3 answers

I've been on the 300mg dosage for about a week now and I feel better than I did on the 150mg (extremely nauseous and anxious) I do feel more awake and have more energy. I haven't experienced insomnia if I work out during he day. My question is after working out (I run and do HIIT) I feel ...

Gabapentin - Is it common for Gab to reduce blood pressure and heart rate significantly? Currently?

Posted 29 Jul 2017 by rpincar 0 answers

... taking 2700mg daily. Thanks, Ron

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