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Is it supposed to burn when using Voltaren gel for it to work?

Posted 10 Nov 2016 by Ibzz 0 answers

I put Voltaren gel on my groin but I don't feel any burning sensation. Does it mean it is still working?

Just started taking low dose amiodarone (100 mg) first week I came down with a very?

Posted 12 Sep 2016 by palacios36 1 answer

swollen left ankle. and an area near the groin, nothing on the right leg. Is this something to worry about? Will it go back to normal once the drug is stopped? jal

I have had a heat rash in my groin area now for a couple months, any ideas what it is?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 by bridogdude 1 answer

I assumed it was a rash. It is getting slightly better, I can wash it now, but now it is starting to get the biggest pimple type bumps. They not only hurt but they don't really come to a head they just stay ugly bumps. Any ideas?

I am female; had allergic reaction to cephalexin to try and treat a lump in my groin area?

Posted 11 Sep 2016 by Ernest_2345 1 answer

How do I cure skin burns from antibiotic--500 mg--cephalexin given for possible groin infection. I took it for full for 10 days. On 12th day widespread skin burns, red splotches, itching, burning and stinging, scalp, face, neck, chest, abdomen, back and buttocks. Now taking10 mg 6 pack prednisone ...

Contagious infection?

Posted 13 Sep 2016 by Cleanit 0 answers

I think I could have a fungal infection on my groin area and I was wondering if someone were to come into contact with it with their mouth would they get the infection around their mouth?

Low blood pressure-106/51--- already on 20 mg Lasix twice daily. extremities including groin area?

Posted 7 Jun 2016 by nrgilpin 1 answer

very puffy-thighs are hard to the touch. I'm saying congestive heart failure... Is an Aldactone once a day together with Lasix going to make the BP too low? Would like to reduce the fluid

I had hernia surgery on the 26. Groin area. It keep filling up in the area with fluid?

Posted 9 Jun 2016 by Spb 0 answers

Fluid was aspirated on the 6th and i need to go back to doc again because fluid has built up again. Why is this happening and what can be done about it?

I spilled coffee on my lap/legs/groin, have I treated it correctly?

Posted 29 Apr 2016 by smithcal 1 answer

I spilled coffee on me about 1-2 hours ago. It was beteen my legs and fell backwards. I had on thin shorts, underneath this long johns, underneat these boxer shorts. It hurt. I jumped up and let out a roar. I went straight to the kitchen and within 30 seconds, maybe, soaked a large towel in cold ...

Is it safe to use 13% zinc oxide long-term for skin protection while wearing Depends?

Posted 7 Apr 2016 by Humorist1 0 answers

I use a creamy diaper rash ointment in the groin area before donning Depend underwear for mild urinary incontinence. Is this practice safe for daily, long-term use? Does the body absorb this, and if so, are there any consequences for a 77-years-old male?

I have been on fluconazole for five weeks one pill every 7 days to treat fungus in the groins and I?

Posted 29 Feb 2016 by Managua0260 1 answer

... don't see my self getting any better. Why?

My husband has kidney stones, he has 500mg naproxen & 800mg pills?

Posted 23 Oct 2015 by mrsfitz1234 1 answer

He has severe severe pain right now. Saddle pain..back to groin Constant pain .. Which is best to treat his pain For this Need help now Middle of the night

Clean colonoscopy but still severe pain in lower left abdominal area... What can cause it?

Posted 9 Nov 2015 by Neinalynn1 1 answer

Occasional stabbing pain in lower left side not in groin but close to it, usually after preaching... Have had a change in bowel habits. Also had a scan done but showed nothing... Thought colonoscopy would answer questions but didn't...

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