I spilled coffee on me about 1-2 hours ago. It was beteen my legs and fell backwards. I had on thin shorts, underneath this long johns, underneat these boxer shorts. It hurt. I jumped up and let out a roar.

I went straight to the kitchen and within 30 seconds, maybe, soaked a large towel in cold water then covered my lower body and gently patted over the towel the affected areas.

The legs were very red on both sides. After about 5-10 minutes I jumped in an icne cold shower. I directed the shower head all over my legs and genitals/groin area repeatedly for a few minutes or so. I then increased the temperature so it was just cold, but bearable. I directed the shower ahead again over the affected areas.

I got out the shower, put a large towel over the lower body and gently patted it. After taking the towel off 5-10 minutes later, 95% of the redness was gone. There were just a few marks and spots.

About 20-30 minutes after this I soaked two thin all-purpose cloths in to cold water and covered the areas. I am sitting on my PC now with those cloths covering the legs and a a dry towel on top (keep me somewhat warm).

I think my main worry is I read your not supposed to run water over it but instead supposed to immerse yourself in it. I don't have a bath so that weren;'t possible. But I suppose the wet towel at the beginning is a sort of immersion is it not?

Will I be OK, will it be serious. Regarding pain, I feel ok now, especially with the wet cloths on me, just a little discomfort/tenderness.

The coffee (well, latte, powdered) was quite fresh, boiled using the kettle, had maybe been there a few minutes.