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Gallstones Questions

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I have a very full feeling in my stomach like it's heavy. Is this gallbladder related?

Posted 29 Oct 2013 by lennongurl 3 answers

I do have gallstones and was told to have my gallbladder out cause I've had pain after eating and pain on the right side. I also get this weird full, heavy feeling in my stomach. Sort of like something is sitting in there, like the food I ate is just sitting in there. Is that part of the ...

Nauseated everyday & very bad motion sick. HELP!!?

Posted 24 Apr 2018 by Sudzee 0 answers

I had gotten salmonella poisoning on January 31st. Went to the doctor the 5th of February and was given cipro. Took 6 pills (as it made me sick towards the 5th pill) and felt fine. Went out to eat and was eating and drinking my normal things (very unhealthy but has been my normal for years) then a ...

Ok to take Exlax while having gallbladder issues?

Posted 20 Apr 2018 by Sudzee 0 answers

I’ve been sick off and on since January 31st and found out the 5th of April I have gallstones but I don’t need surgery (no pain only nausea) I’ve been taking Zofran for the occasional nausea, sometimes daily and Pepcid daily for my acid reflux. I’m finding it very hard to go ...

Is Boldo good or bad for you after your gallbladder has been removed?

Posted 2 Apr 2018 by AuntyGee 0 answers

I understand that one should not use Boldo if you have gallstones. But I had my gallbladder removed last month (apparently there were hundreds of gallstones, but it only started giving me trouble a couple of weeks before the operation) and want to make sure I take good care of my digestion and ...

I'm 39 and I've recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol and been put on a generic Crestor, and

Posted 23 Apr 2017 by Mizzz 0 answers

... also an abdominal ultrasound has revealed gallstones and fatty liver. My father died of liver cancer caused by NASH at 63. Is Crestor okay with a fatty liver? I need to get my cholesterol down in order to get my liver de-fatted if possible. I've overhauled my diet with this new diagnosis

CIROSSIS LIVER diagnosed 7 yr ago beyond repair dr said would live early 30s now she is 30 may 2017?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by ANGIE66 0 answers

MY DAUGHT GOT DIAGNOSED CIROSSIS ON LIVER BEYOND REPAIR 7YRS AGO THEY SAID SHE WOULD LIVE EARLY 30S She will be 30yr old in may this yr Since diagnosed she suffers from gallstones fatty liver bloated tummy is always cold even when heating is on full blast Last yr had her gallstones taken out ended ...

Sepsis, gallbladder and kidneys?

Posted 2 May 2017 by Spanda88 0 answers

My mom is in the hospital right now with sepsis. They think she has gallstones and her gallbladder is inflamed causing the sepsis. They looked at her kidneys also and said they didn't look good. She hasn't urinated since she's been in the hospital (she was admitted Monday.) They put ...

Gallstones - Will tests show a problem with the gall bladder if pain has subsided?

Posted 4 Dec 2016 by Diane93 1 answer

I was in pain off and on for about a week so I scheduled a Dr appointment for Monday. However the pain has now subsided.

Liver and Pancreatic Disease - Liver lesion/gallstones?

Posted 19 Aug 2016 by Kaz8673 0 answers

... ago. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound which showed several very small gallstones (no blockage and no inflammation) and an 11mm lesion on my liver. It was advised that I have a cat scan. The results of this are: There is small hypodense lesion in the portal venous phase in the segment 8 ...

I had Sepsis in January of this year I spend days in ICU and the hospital?

Posted 29 May 2016 by TerriAnnWilson 0 answers

I had to have a stint put in my stomach cause I had a giant gallstone inside that was left in me when I had gallbladder surgery like 20years ago. So they put a stint inside to shrink the stone I was sick for 4 days in my bed before I knew that I had sepsis. My kidneys wr shutting down my liver was ...

I am having tremor was wondering if Hep C?

Posted 12 Jun 2016 by GingerC 1 answer

I have gallbladder decease with gallstones can't do anything cause my liver is no good from HepC

Does it sound like I have Gallstones?

Posted 30 Sep 2015 by Tyler358 1 answer

It started yesterday evening. I have this burning pain in my upper abdomen and chest that runs up along my shoulder. I have this pain for 2 or 3 minutes then it goes away for a couple of minutes then comes back. No matter what position I sit/lay in it won't stop. Now I'm going on 17. Am I ...

Gallbladder Disease - When should I go to the E.R.?

Posted 16 Jun 2015 by peacepipea 2 answers

Diagnosed with gallstones and sludge-balls. Constant ongoing pain just below ribs on the right side radiating like fire up to my shoulder, for 3 weeks regardless of eating or not eating. Constant nausea and daily vomiting. Waiting for surgery to be scheduled. Went to E.R. last week, normal labs but ...

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