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Furosemide Questions

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What are the equivalent dosages of bumetanide, furosemide & torsemide?

OTC Dosage Equivilant for Potassium CL 10 mEq ER?

My husband has been prescribed Potassium CL 10 mEq ER, 1 Tab 2X Day because he has also been prescribed Furosemide (aka Lasik) 40 mg, 1 Tab 2X Day for Congestive Heart Failure. My question is if he where to take an OTC Potassium Gluconate 595mg, 2 Tabs 2X Day (4 Tabs Total Daily) is he getting... read more

Furosemide - How Much Water Should I drink while taking this Med?

I kept drinking water all day. I kept peeing but the swelling did not go down in Legs. id I drink too much water. I had 80 Oz of water over 5 hours.

What can I take to help with my rheumatoid arthritis Until I see the specialist?

The medication that my other doctors that diagnosed me have only prescribed to me furosemide, meloxicam and prednisone. Which don't seem to be helping me with the pain.

High Blood Pressure - should I take glucosamine, chondroitin, boron drink for joints?

... when I am taking blood pressure meds I take Benicar 40 mg, 1 a day, Amlodipine 2.5,1 a day, Furosemide 20mg, 1 a day, Simvastatin 40mg, 1 a day and I take synthroid 75, 1 a left hand has joint pain and xray showed inflamation in thumb joint and little finger

Blurred vision - could this be a side effect of Furosemide or very fast fluid removal?

My son went in the hospital and had fluids pumped into him for dehydration and ended up with fluid retention of 60 pounds. The doctor started Furosemide 40 mg once a day. Since he has started it he has developed blurred vision. He took off the fluid off very fast . Is the blurred vision from the... read more

Why do I pee a lot after taken furosemide?

What time of day/night is best to take furosemide?

I have AF of the heart and have a build up of fluid on lungs, I developed swelling in all joints mostly ankles and knees, I was giving furosemide 40 mg. What time of day would I benefit from taking this tablets

Does furosemide have sulfa in it?

Can I take furosemide withh food?

Can I take all my medications at the same time?

citalopram, furosemide,levothyroxin, and lisino/hctz

Furosemide - Does it help with anxiety?

Will it help with anxiety and nervous system issues also close to hypertension

Can you crush furosemide to take?

Having trouble swallowing my meds I know some I can crush and put them in applesauce

Is itching a withdrawal symptom?

I am currently taking wellbutrin, lexapro, metoprolol, furosemide, pregabalin, and lumakras. Recently I had a mental issue and refused to take everything except the lumakras. Does anyone know if any of these can cause severe itching as a withdrawal symptom? TIA

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