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Frozen Shoulder Questions

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Aleve vs Ibuprofen: What's the difference?

Aleve and ibuprofen are both used for pain relief. But is one more effective or more likely to cause side effects compared to the other?

Tylenol vs Advil: What's the difference?

Tylenol and Advil are both used for pain relief but is one more effective than the other or has less of a risk of side effects?

Motrin vs Advil: What's the difference?

Both Motrin and Advil are NSAIDs but is one stronger or more likely to cause side effects compared to the other?

Does Vimovo 500/20mg twice daily for shoulder tendinitis work, and is Naproxen the same?

I have been diagnosed with shoulder tendinitis,I have tried physiotherapy treatments which don't work, my doc. just prescribed naproxen 500/20mg twice daily for two weeks. He said if this treatment does not work I would have to get a cortisone injection. I am curious about all this and would... read more

What is the difference between aceclofenac and diclofenac sodium?

please need for drug report

Can I take naproxen if I am allergic to ibuprofen?

I came out with hives when I last took ibuprofen. I can tolerate aspirin (if that information help at all). My doctor has now proscribed naproxen for my frozen shoulder. My doctor (and the pharmacist) is aware of my allergy to ibuprofen, but said that it could be just ibuprofen or the whole NSAIDs... read more

Can you take Robaxin with diclofenac?

Is it ok to take 800mg of Motrin and 50mg tramadol?

Can you use Ibuprofen and steroids together?

I recently pinched a nerve in my shoulder. The doctor gave me a steroid shot in my arm as well as a script for 3 days worth of 600mg ibuprofen. I have always heard that the two can't be taken together. Is this gonna be harmful to my GI tract? Should I avoid using the NSAID and instead just use... read more

Is it safe to take an Advil (200mg) in combination with nobumetone 500mg?

I am currently taking nobumetone 500mg twice daily for a frozen shoulder. I am having a bad headache and wanted to take Advil. One usually does the job for me but is it safe? How long should I wait?

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