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Fentanyl Patch Questions

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Has anyone had a problem with allergic reactions? Sometimes, after a day, I itch under the Fentanyl?

Posted 17 days ago by ZeldaS 0 answers

Has anyone had a problem with allergic reactions? Sometimes, after a day, I itch under the Fentanyl patch so bad I have to remove it - the skin will be wet and red; occasionally raised. I routinely change my patch every 48 hours and at that time my skin and the bottom of the patch are wet. ...

I am a first time user of fentanyl patch. How can I tell if I applied it correctly?

Posted 24 Oct 2017 by rose62 1 answer

It's been 30 minutes.

What are the differences in patch covers?

Posted 11 Apr 2017 by caribconsult 0 answers

Patch manufacturers have specific brands of patch covers they recommend. PAR likes NexCare Tegaderms, Mylan likes Bioclusive or their own Askinaderm, etc. Is this just marketing BS or are there really differences in these covers?

Med that can replace fentanyl?

Posted 5 Feb 2017 by nomorepain99 0 answers

Have gone from 150mcg fentanyl patch to 25mcg patch in less than 1 year... is there another med that would help with pain relief. I have degenerate joint disease and have constant back pain..hate side effects from fentanyl... please help

I had gotten toxic neurophy of my legs from chemotheraphy took me 3 years to find something to help?

Posted 5 Jan 2017 by candybar55 1 answer

they finally put me on fentanyl patch 75 mg been on it for 6 years and now its starting to wear off before the 3rd day so I told my doctor and now they want to take me off the patch and put a stimulator in my back and take me off the patch some each month if I don't have the patch on I cant ...

How effective is the Fentinal patch with a person who has spinal stenosis?

Posted 4 Mar 2016 by Berly2u 2 answers

My mom is 80 years old and just had major back surgery 3 weeks ago. She has spinal stenosis as well as dementia and is in excruciating pain. No medication has helped at all and I have been trying to get a doctor to prescribe the Fentinal patch for her. She has had no relief of pain from spinal ...

I need HELP OTC ASAP for Fentanyl Patch 100 mcg/hr Acute Withdraw. I am 54, female?

Posted 18 Feb 2015 by Maxiedoodle 4 answers

I had to remove my patch due to a painful red rash that developed underneath it. I am 100% out of patches now until 2/19/15 Tomorrow late afternoon. I am also out of breakthrough pain med. Only Soma 350 mg (prescribed 3x's a day), Trazadone 100 mg at bedtime left. My right leg is so cramped, ...

I am using the Watson brand Fentanyl patch, by the end of the 2nd day it is dry/empty! What do I do?

Posted 17 Apr 2015 by jlenamon 3 answers

I have been using the Fentanyl patches now for a couple of months. And I notice that by the end of the second day, the patch is practically dry/empty. They say it is supposed to last for 3 days ... Mine most definitely do not!!! What would be causing this, ... And what am I supposed to do about the ...

Anyone on Watson patches, are they gel filled? I would love to see what they look like?

Posted 5 Jan 2015 by NancyNurseRN 1 answer

I am being forced to change pharmacies right away due to insurance coverage. I have not been happy with any gel filled patches, not for the pain control or their ability to stay on. The pharmacy I wanted to change to carries Watson brand and when I asked they told me they are not gel filled, yet ...

What is difference in a butran patch and fentanyl patch?

Posted 22 Apr 2013 by Sarah Fisher 3 answers

I have a butran 10 patch and was wondering if fentanyl patch would give more relief for my fibromyalgia pain

Bottom line: Which brand works the best & sticks the longest?

Posted 9 Jun 2013 by slperry 2 answers

Pharmacy switches brands on me just about every month. If I could figure out the best brand & one that would stay on, I could have them stay with that brand.

How long can the fentanyl patch be worn for ?

Posted 17 Dec 2012 by jafelder2424 4 answers

Do you get withdrawals from the Fentanyl patch?

Posted 19 Feb 2010 by Scaredycat_84 1 answer

I am a 26 year-old woman. I have a mother who is an addict, and thanks to her I have always had an addictive personality. This includes being addicted to crack and cocaine in earlier years (not anymore). Along with that, I have always been addicted to painkillers. Right now I am addicted to the ...

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