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Has anyone experienced any side effects once they quit taking Femara?

Posted 9 Jan 2010 by OBXCarolinaGirl 1 answer

I am now considered cancer free, and my Oncologist took me off of Femara. This was on Tuesday (1/5/10). Today (1/9/10) I am feeling very lightheaded and dizzy. Before contacting my doctor, thought I would ask any other who have stopped taking this medication. I took it for 3 years after Tamoxifen.

Femara - Is letrozole a chemo pill?

Posted 31 Dec 2017 by Alice 1954 2 answers

Is letrozole a chemo pill?

I have been taking Femara for 8 1/2 years and will continue until it stops working for me. Is?

Posted 29 Sep 2013 by lzs 3 answers

... anyone else taking Femara like this? I took Tamoxifen for 5 years, then when the cancer came back and metastasized, I was then put on Femara

Does the use of femara cause hair loss or hair thinning?

Posted 17 Feb 2010 by RG2010 1 answer

Since starting femara my hair has become very dry, brittle and thinned. Is there something that I can use to thickened my hair or prevent it from thinning? Also, does hair vitamins help? Please advise. RG2010

Is Femara letrozle hair loss permanent?

Posted 10 May 2014 by Myquestionisthis 1 answer

I'm in late 20s. Been on femara for a few years. When I stop I should stop menopause. What will happen with hair? Hair seems to be becoming very fine and thinning

Do the side effects get worse the longer you take femara?

Posted 5 Sep 2009 by notes 1 answer

how long after taking femara before the pain stops or you become use to it and will the effects ever go away

Should I stop taking Femara?

Posted 5 Feb 2010 by itzame 4 answers

I took Taxmoxifen for 2 years, Femara for 1 year... I've had it with the side effects and want to stop taking everything. 3 years cancer free after mastectomy.

Xiaflex..How much does it cost? How can we buy it? We live in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Posted 21 Jul 2010 by chwolff 1 answer

Irene wolff, 65y old, began her symptoms (dupuytren) some months ago. It's possibly triggered by "femara". The palm fascia reaches the thickness of 4. 2mm at the left hand. Our son, fernando, and myself, claudio wolff, we both are gastroenterologists. He is doing an observership at ...

Femara - Since starting Letrozole 3 years ago my blood sugar levels have been elevated. Are they?

Posted 7 Aug 2014 by paddleball 1 answer

... related? I am now consider pre diabetic, could the cancer meds be the cause? I am 5'7", 140 lbs and watch my carbs and sugar intake, lost 15 pounds and nothing really changed. No diabetes history!

Its almost 5 yrs I've been taking Femara...when going off the meds do you have to wean off or do you

Posted 13 Dec 2014 by wolfsoul 2 answers

... just stop I've felt so many side effects that I'm hoping when I stop using this drug I will feel like my pre-femara self. My hair has thinned quite a bit; I'm a little forgetful, my joints have hurt... I lose my balance more & more... sleep a lot... low energy or zest for ...

Does Femara side effects ever subside?

Posted 6 Jan 2010 1 answer

Started with Arimidex but after 4 weeks of either diarrhea all week or constipation all week combined with fatigue & flatulence put on Femara. Femara fatigue better but upset stomach, flatulence (very stinky) and stomach always upset. Even if I cut back on eating it still there. Tried it at ...

When taking Femara, is the muscle/joint pain permanent?

Posted 15 Jun 2010 by cohenla 1 answer

My mother is a breast cancer survivor, took Tamoxifen for 5 years and is now on Femora and experiencing mostly quadriceps pain but joint pain as well, stairs are very painful. I am fearful that the pain can be permanent as muscle pain and weakness can be with statins.

Can there be permanent damage from taking Femara?

Posted 28 Jun 2010 by colonial 1 answer

I've been on Tamoxifen for 5 years; had estrogen positive early stage breast cancer. I've been on Femara for 4 months and the most uncomfortable side effect is joint pain in the legs and knees. I'm still having hot flashes.

Femara - do men take this drug?

Posted 14 Aug 2010 by sewnicedl 1 answer

the dr. has given this pill to my husband, is this pill taken by men an for what reason

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