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What is difference between Nexium 40 mg and Esomeprazole Mag DR 40 mg? My ins company switched me?

Posted 14 Apr 2015 by Jerry Haynes 2 answers

I had esophagus cancer surgery 4 years ago. I was prescribed Nexium 40mg twice per day. Last month my ins company switched me to Esomeprazole Mag DR 40 mg once per day. I understood there was no generic for Nexium.

Generic Nexium - Does anyone know when this will be available?

Posted 2 Feb 2010 by wanbee 3 answers

The drug is very expensive and my insurance will not pay for it. I think the brand name is safe for 10 yrs, then it can go generic. I've taken Imitrex for years for migraines - also very expensive. It is now a generic and affordable; but still not cheap.

Whenever doctors prescribe myospaz for spasms etc. why do they invariably also prescribe omeprazole?

Posted 5 Nov 2014 by aksingh 1 answer

have noticed that whenever doctor prescribe myospaz (chlorzoxazone), he also prescribes omeprazole or another similar drug esomeprazole. ? the latter two are for different conditions like acid reflux etc.

Non erosive gastritis?

Posted 25 Dec 2017 by Vincenzo64 1 answer

Hi everyone I been suffering with non erosive gastritis for 3 months and still fighting to clear it, the latest is Dr have put me on Esomeprazole 40mg day & Ranitidine 300mg day & problem getting worse, my question is could the 2 meds together be the problem? Would appreciate any help.. ...

I started taking 10 days ago truvada and isentress also took esomeprazol, 40 for my gastritis,?

Posted 9 Jan 2018 by rintintin1 0 answers

... should it have a negative interaction? I am taking truvada isentress since 10 days as npep and don´t know if it affects the efficiency of the prophilaxis ?

I have been taking clopidogrel since JUN2015. I want to quit this med?

Posted 25 Jun 2017 by plpconsult 2 answers

age 64, type ii diabetic, fatty liver. exercise 3-4 times weekly. taking Alieve and aspirin cardio daily and esomeprazole 20mg/day. 1 stent implanted in AUG2015 how to i quit taking this drug

I took 40 mg medium for years with no problems, ins switched me to esomeprazole magn dr 40 mg cer?

Posted 5 Mar 2017 by Gragone 1 answer

I have had terrible reflux since this change. Vomiting and burning pain are terrible. What can I do now?

I just had the worst attack I have ever experienced. I too 2TBSP Milk of Magnesia, 150mg Zantac?

Posted 4 May 2017 by Tross44 1 answer

I just had the worst attack I have ever experienced. I tool 2TBSP Milk of Magnisia, 150mg Zantac, and 40mg Esomeprazole. I am still sick. Have I taken too much or is there something else I can take.

Can I take esomeprazole magnesium and Zantac together for relief of indigestion?

Posted 25 Jan 2016 by sdsoakpark 1 answer

I suffer from chronic gastritis and non-dyspepsia ulcer and acid reflux. I've been on Nexium for over a year now and it just doesn't seem to be working anymore. I've had two endoscopies and the results have been the same. I do have a hiatal hernia and don't really know how much ...

Citalopram time frame?

Posted 27 Dec 2016 by SFS88 3 answers

My doctor prescribed this as I've had problems with nausea, ibs, acid reflux and anxiety. I am also on propranolol, Randitine, esomeprazole and Cinnerazine. I have been ill for 10 months with no results except excessive weight loss. (I suspect Crohns, but CT, US, bio-opsies have been negative) ...

I take sertraline (100mg),esomeprazole (40mg) together in the morning?

Posted 9 Jul 2016 by Carlomac 0 answers

Would it be a problem to take FENOFIBRATE(160MG)WITH THEM AT THE SAME TIME EACH DAY?

Zantac 150 - I am taking Esomerprazole Magnesium 40 MG and it is not helping?

Posted 8 Apr 2016 by Linda DeFoe 0 answers

My Dr thinks I might have Gerd. I have been taking Nexium 20mg and it is not working. Do you think Zantac 150 would help.

Esomeprazole - Does it help gas and bloating what is Ment by pro ton pump?

Posted 8 Apr 2016 by Kon 0 answers

Does it help gas and bloating what is Ment by pro ton pump

Which is better esomeprazole or ranitidine?

Posted 8 Aug 2009 by enaas 1 answer

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