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Norepinephrine vs Epinephrine: What's the difference?

Posted 25 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Norepinephrine and epinephrine are both used in emergency medicine but what is the difference between them?

How long does emergency contraception stay in system??

Posted 20 May 2015 by Acasia Jackson 1 answer

My friend told me she had sex with her boyfriend and the condom broke. About 5 days ago she had taken a morning after pill because the condom broke. She spoke to her doctor about birth control but she didnt get the pills yet. She wants to know if by any chance the morning after pill is still in her ...

Is it okay for my boyfriend to ejaculate inside me while I'm on birth control?

Posted 15 Mar 2015 by nlawson567 2 answers

I've been on tri-sprintec for a month and a half now. I have never missed a pill and always take it around the same time. Today he ejaculated inside me for the first time ever. I think I'm just paranoid, and I know there's always a chance of pregnancy every time I have sex, but I ...

Took Plan B 2 wks ago and bleeding? Is it normal?

Posted 10 days ago by CarolDora 1 answer

On August 28th I had protected sex but we were unsure if the condom broke during the process because it was ripped when he took it off. Just for safety i took an emergency contraceptive from plan parenthood (wasn't the Plan B brand) right away and I washed my vagina as much as i could. Exactly ...

I just left the emergency room and just found out that I have claudication so I'm worried scared?

Posted 2 Sep 2017 by Palachie 1 answer

All in one so can anyone give me some info or help about this claudication or PAD

Missed period for two months so set up a doctors appointment but couldn't get me in until next?

Posted 1 Sep 2017 by Dstaples23 0 answers

Tuesday. But I started bleeding very severely and it just stopped all of a sudden. What is going on? Should I go to the emergency room or is it just my period

Storing emergency meds?

Posted 9 Aug 2017 by jan m williams 3 answers

I want to have an emergency medical kit IN MY CAR, in case of disaster, that includes medications I take daily & PRN; all are pills or capsules. Summers where I live are very hot & humid; will my medications be compromised?? How can I be prepared for disasters then have to run around the ...

What is the best contraceptive to take after coming off depovera and when can I start pills?

Posted 12 Aug 2017 by Okko 0 answers

After taking planB emergency pills

Is it bad if I took my pill late even if I didn't miss the day?

Posted 1 Aug 2017 by calico1234 1 answer

So 2 days this month I never missed a pill but took it 4 hrs later than my usual time. I had sex and took emergency contraception 3 days after I had sex . A couple weeks later I already finished the sugar pills and still no period. Is there a high chance I could be pregnant?

Vitamin D taken once a day instead once a week?

Posted 5 Jun 2017 by Randoll 3 answers

I was prescribed for 50000 ui once a week, but I took it once a day for a week. I'm thirsty and dizzy... what should I do? Should I go to the emergency room?

Depo shot emergency!?

Posted 17 Jun 2017 by Lexi_alexus 0 answers

Okay so I was suppose to get my depo shot between June 8,2017- June 19,2017 but the only appointment t I could get was for the 20th. My question is will it affect me In any way or mess up a cycle or something? I'm really nervous about it and have no idea because I've only had 2 shots done ...

Can my girlfriend take 2 emergency pills a week?

Posted 11 Jun 2017 by Jonkas 0 answers

(Sorry if bad english) Condom bloke 2 times my girlfriend took 1 emergency pill 3-4 days ago. Because condom bloke for the first time and then last night it happened again and i just want to ask can she take another emergency pill. Her period start's on 27th if you need this info. (NEED HELP ...

Ella side effects - severe nausea and dizziness?

Posted 2 Jun 2017 by Anomymous 1 answer

Hi, I took Ella emergency contraceptive pill 5 days ago. I had severe nausea for couple of days but it is gone now; however I am still experiencing dizziness and am light headed most of the time. Did anyone have similar experience - if so, how long did these side effects last? Is there anything I ...

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