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Down Syndrome Questions

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Infections - My white blood cell count is over 50,000 due to a kidney infection. The meds the doc?

... gave me isnt bringing it down. Should I be concerned? Been having very high fevers and severe kidney and neck pain. Should I go to ER for treatment

Back pain that is so severe he can't move and if he tries he falls. What could it be?

Yesterday my husband bent over to get a sock out of the dryer. When he stood back up he felt a twinge and had to sit down. He then could hardly get his shoes on. He went ahead and went to work. He works on the install of heating/cooling in new homes. There is not a lot of heaving lifting or overly... read more

OTC Water Pills

Estring - Can’t get it out!!! Help???

I’ve tried bearing down, latex glove, lubrication, I can’t grasp the ring. Any helpful hints?

Can hydroxyzine make your blood pressure go up?

I have a low blood pressure,but I feel as throug my pressure has been going up and down. The humming in my ears. Off and on. Could it be the pill

Can you drink beer or wine while taking HYDROCHLOROTHAZIDE 25MG TAB?

I take a half a pill daily and my swelling of my ankle has gone down?

Can I take 30mg of my Temazepam in the morning to help with my anxiety?

Curious to to know if I could take 30mg’s of my Temazepam prescription in the mornings, rather than at night, as it doesn’t allow me to sleep, but absolutely calms my anxiety down. Or if there is something more fit for just panic attacks + or medium length acting to help me manage my... read more

What's the buzz on Ozempic and Wegovy?

My question is about having surgery while on suboxone. I have been on it for over a year. (6 mgs. a

... day). Will there be any problem with the general anesthesia? I've been trying to wean down to a lower dose but not to sucsesful with that. When I start the pain meds. will I feel them? As far as pain relief that is

What are side effect of alcohol and simvastatin?

What are the side effects of simvastatin and alcohol does it slow down the processing of alcohol thru your system?

Monistat-1 - I inserted the Monistat 7 and quickly went to lay down. 30 mins went by and everything?

... was fine. But 40 minutes into just laying there the cream just gushed out of my vagina. What to do I do?! Do I remove the amount of cream that gushed out? Do I have to apply more cream for it to work on the first night I'm trying this product?

Monistat 3 - I work at night and usually only take naps so it didn't really fit in my schedule. I?

... already took the 2nd dose but I did not lay down, in fact I was up and walking all day. Not much of the cream came out but will it still work? It's more irritated than itchy now and I don't have weird vaginal discharge but it's really irritated. I know I should have gotten the 1... read more

Spironolactone - after discontinuing spironolact, will the breast swelling go down?

I have used spironolact for about a month and half and my nipples started to hurt. I have been taking it for cirrosis of the liver.

I'm scared to take my Klonopin?

I was just started on 1 mg of Klonopin because I was having adverse side effects of Ativan. Ativan did the exact opposite of calming me down. It gave me more anxiety, restlessness, depression, etc. The paradoxical effect is what they call it. I'm scared Klonopin will do the same if not worse... read more

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