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Diphenhydramine Questions

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How much Benadryl can I take? What is too much?

At one time. Also known as diphenhydramine.

What is the max dose of diphenhydramine for adults?

I took two 50mg capsules thinking they were 25mg each (that is I took 100mg instead of 50mg) and it was the only thing that put me into a nice 6 hour sleep which I have not had for weeks! If it is acceptable I will try to take this to finally get some good sleep!

Does diphenhydramine raise blood pressure?

Can diphenhydramine be used as a sleep aid?

Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride vs Citrate: What's the difference?

Has anyone had any dependance issue 's with diphenhydramine use?

I enjoyed the sedation and excitability that occurred. .. So I started to take it a lot. Basically abusing it. And now I cant get off of it because I do experience withdrawal when I don't take it. What should I do?? And is is common?

Is diphenhydramine dangerous if taken nightly as a sleep aid?

For quite some time I've been taking diphenhydramine (100-150mg) a night to fall asleep. Will this have an adverse effects on my health? Thank you!

I take about 1000 mg of Diphenhydramine HCI every night to sleep. What are the side effects?

These are a sleeping aid from over the counter.

Restless Legs Syndrome - Has anyone experienced restless leg using Benadryl?

I'm thinking of using this to help treat chronic insomnia. My sister says it gives her RLS. So looking for input from anyone. Thanks :-)

I'm currently taking venlafaxine er (effexor) for depression. I still have trouble sleeping; is it?

... safe to combine with diphenhydramine (simply sleep or sominex)

Is it okay to combine these (2) meds? diphenhydramine (simply sleep pills) and oxycodone (percocet)?

... I have trouble sleeping after I take the pain killers

Can I combine my antibiotic ( amoxicillin ) with an allergy pill ( diphenhydramine) ?

I was given amoxicillin for strep throat but just got an allergy so I would like to take an over the counter allergy pill for watery eyes, runny nose and snezzing.

What is a good sleeping aid with low side effects?

I have Glaucoma and have been taking Diphenhydramine to help me sleep but it is drying my eyes too much. I am looking for a better sleep aid.

Diphenhydramine - Benadryl and Adderall combinations OK?

I took 2 20 mgs of Adderall today as prescribed to me. Now I'm trying to sleep. Can I take 25 mgs of Benadryl?

Can you take 3 Advil pm at night? I want to sleep longer than 5 hours.

I have been taking 2 a night for two years, since my neck fusion surgery. I have numerous nerve damage in both legs with a Spinal cord stimulator to block the pain but the neck is another issue! I want to rest!

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