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My husband is 3 months post stroke. Has developed a terrible itching problem with no rash?

He is on Metoporol, Digoxin, Furosimide, Amlodopine, Diovan, Warfarin and Flomax.

Which is stronger, digoxin 0.25 mg or 0.125 mg?

My doctor changed my dose.

Will digoxin raise blood sugar readings in diabetics?

If the pulse rate goes below 60, do you not take a digoxin pill?

In the hospital, the nurse would take his heart rate and if the rate was below 60, they wouldn't give him a digoxin pill in the late afternoon.

What are the withdrawal symptoms with stopping digoxin?

my mother has had to stop digoxin after more that 30 years and she is having some difficulty. It is like she isn't here. Feels very faint and confused. She is 82 years of age. Is this normal and should the doctor have just stopped the digoxin or weened her off it?

Wat is the mechanism of action of digoxin?

Metoprolol, diltiazem & digoxin?

Can taking digoxin, diltiazem & metoprolol at the same time cause your heart to pause (syncope), where you could pass out?

Mrs. Carleton has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Her physician orders digoxin 0.25?

mg, two tablets stat and then one tablet daily. 1. Mrs. Carleton asks why she needs to take two tablets now but will only take one daily after that. What is your response? 2. Mrs. Carleton wants to know how digoxin will help her heart. What do you tell her?

Can the medication Etodolac show up in a ua test as positive for cocain use?

I use the medication for the relief of arthritis pain. I have also had an aorta valve replaced, and take medications for that, (Metoprolol Tartrate,Lisinopril,Digoxin-Lanoxin, Pravastatin, Potassium, Aspirin and Furosemide) yesterday I had to take a ua test and tested positive for cocain use. Never... read more

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