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Depersonalization Questions

We found 6 questions associated with the 'Depersonalization' topic.

Lexapro - When Should I Up My Dosage?

Posted 27 Jun 2016 by CoutinhoYNWA 1 answer

I've been on Lexapro 5MG for 4 days for GAD and the first 4 days reduced my anxiety by quite a lot, but today I started feeling kind of bad again such as unwanted thoughts, depersonalization, derealization, and racing thoughts. Is it okay for me to take 10MG or should I stay with 5MG till I ...

What medications work for depersonalization/derealization?

Posted 7 Jun 2016 by Kayla22 0 answers

I've been taking lamotrigine for 2 years for dp/dr but I still experience dp symptoms like brain fog, and feeling disconnected from my body, ect.. and it gets a lot worse if I spend time alone. Im wondering if there is anyone who's tried other medications for dp/dr that work better in ...

Can Risperdal cause depression? Is paxil the answer?

Posted 14 Dec 2015 by zslanz 6 answers

I was have depersonalization/derealization disorder which causes me to have very existential and philosophical anxiety. My pysch doc prescribed me with .25mg of Risperdal and I have been on that for about 9 days. She has decided to up the dose to .5mg. She also prescribed 10mg of Paxil to take ...

Is Risperdal a good medication for depersonalization/derealization disorder?

Posted 29 Nov 2015 by zslanz 2 answers

Was prescribed .25mg of Risperdal, has anyone had a good experience with it in easing dp/dr? Or some of the ocd or pure o symptoms that come with it?

What is a good medication for depersonalization/derealisation disorder?

Posted 27 Nov 2015 by zslanz 2 answers

I've had this for years, overtime it has gotten worse. Basically I feel detached from reality, I have existential anxiety constantly, philosophical worries, I always have weird dreams that seem to stick with me throughout my day and I cant get the sensation of the dream out of my head. I ...

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