I've had this for years, overtime it has gotten worse. Basically I feel detached from reality, I have existential anxiety constantly, philosophical worries, I always have weird dreams that seem to stick with me throughout my day and I cant get the sensation of the dream out of my head. I recently was prescribed Zoloft for the ocd or pure o part of it. 4 days in I felt hyper and was a total insomniac, it took away my existential anxiety and Xanax wasn't necessary anymore. But the Zoloft made me feel like I do in my dreams and I didn't feel like myself but I was sooo hyper. its like it took care of one problem but created another. I stopped taking it after 4 days of 25 mg and its been about a week since I last took it and I still feel like my dreams are bothering me and wont leave. This is a normal symptom that I have but its very strong now and its blocking my entire personality away and distorting my perception the Zoloft made everything worse. Anyone know how long this effect lasts from the Zoloft is it a withdrawal symptom or is the Zoloft still in my symptom? And also what is a good medication for dp/dr? I was prescribed .25 mg of Risperdal a very small dose any thoughts on that?