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Severe leg pains in both legs, right hip, back and shoulder. could it all be related?

Posted 16 Feb 2012 by queenb01 2 answers

april will make 2 years that i've been suffering and just miserable. this has basically ruined my life. after my 3rd child was born i had my tubes tied just hours after delivery. i had a normal vaginal delivery with epidural. everything went as planned just like my first 2 children. about 2 ...

Almost 6 weeks postpartum and still feel terrible. Am I alone?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Ld060511 0 answers

I feel fine from delivery but often feel nauseous and never normal. I feel like I'm having heart palpitations and sometimes feel dizzy. I've had my thyroid checked and it is normal. I did have postpartum preeclampsia but my bp is now back in a normal range. Recently my pulse rate has gone ...

Is Enbrel covered by medicare with blue cross supplement in any delivery form?

Posted 8 Dec 2016 by amydorotheaengland 1 answer

Remicade Infusion no longer works and methotrexate causes severe elevation in liver enzymes

Constant bleeding with Lo Loestrin Fe?

Posted 27 Jun 2016 by Cruzalex04 0 answers

So when I first started the pill, it took up to four months for the pill to effectively prevent blood coming out.. Now in between refills, there was an issue with the delivery and I missed five days. When I looked on the Lo Loestrin website, it stated that if you missed four or more days, to start ...

I just got my first delivery of Harvoni this morning. Can someone suggest the best time to tale it?

Posted 29 Jul 2015 by sissandra 3 answers

I am 66 years old and retired. I am pretty active during the day. Would the evening be advisable?

Sinusitis - My wife had sinus surgery at UT Southwestern and has been taking budesonide by drops in?

Posted 11 Jun 2015 by neilson 1 answer

... the nose, head down position. No improvement so far. I saw an article in Medscape, "Drug Delivery to the Nasal Sinuses," (1/27/14) stating, in part, "When delivery devices were analyzed, large volume (>50mL) irrigations showed improved penetration into the paranasal sinuses ...

When will you have Bystolic available?

Posted 12 Nov 2014 by jo tinnin 2 answers

I was told by Express Scrip bystollic drug would not be available any time soon. could not give me an estimated delivery date. This is a BIG PROBLEM. Can you tell me when this drug would be available for shippment? Bystolic 5 mg

Is this a newly clinically trial medication!?

Posted 10 May 2015 by KateHope 1 answer

I was a participant in a study over a 3 yr period for this type of delivery ie respimat/ and wondered if it was finally approved for sale. I have been anxiously waiting as this has really delivered incredible benefit!

Does RhoGAM have long term effects on your immune system?

Posted 28 May 2013 by mariewmoore 5 answers

... I was extremely healthy before and during my pregnancy and had one shot of RhoGAM during pregnancy and one shot of RhoGAM after delivery. My child is now 8.5 months and it seems as though my immune system is completely shot. I seem to catch everything and anything I'm close to despite all ...

Delivery methods for atenolol 25mg?

Posted 5 Dec 2014 by fez302 1 answer

Where can I find tips for new oxygen users that will make life easier?

Posted 2 Sep 2014 by oxygen user 72 2 answers

Why would oxygen therapist not recommend and make available for new patients all available oxygen delivery systems?

Periods after delivery and I used krimson capsules of 3 cycles which contains 21 tabs ?

Posted 23 Aug 2014 by sravzs 1 answer

I have 6 months baby.bleeding was still continues From his birth that to I can see only when I go to washroom not even appears on pad. My gynecologist suggested me to continue krimson capsules which contains 21 tabs that to 3 cycles. Bleeding was irregularly and was appears for 8-9 days. Again ...

Why does the manufacturer of carbamazepine chewable tabs not supply it any more, and now what?

Posted 5 Jun 2014 by clockme 2 answers

my home delivery pharmacy informed me that they can no longer get carbamazepine chewables from the manufacturer and I don't see any info anywhere on why this is or if its permanent or temporary.

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