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Has anyone experienced a PE while on Xarelto?

Posted 24 Apr 2013 15 answers

I have been on Xarelto since switching from Cumadin a month ago and about a week ago I had sharp pains in my chest then three days ago I had an irregular fast heartbeat on the lower right side of my heart for about 30 minutes. Once that was over I had wheezing in my chest for the next 12 hrs with ...

Where can you inject lovenox?

Posted 25 Oct 2010 3 answers

Can I ask how old these users of Xarelto are? I am 48 and on Warfarin since 2 years after 2 DVT's?

Posted 28 Dec 2012 17 answers

I want to know if there are people of my age who have longer experience with Xarelto and the impact on their active life.

How long do you have to stay on xarelto after having a dvt?

Posted 21 Aug 2013 3 answers

I don't remember if the doctor said 3 or 6 months and do you just stop taking it or reduce dose my new doc doesn't know

Has anyone been recommended to take Xarelto for three months only to treat DVT in leg?

Posted 3 Nov 2016 2 answers

I am a 40 year old female with no genetic predisposition for blood clots. On 9/4/16 I had a sclerotherapy to treat varicose veins on my left calf and three weeks after that I developed a superficial blood clot and DVT which is attached high in my tigh. The doctor told me I should be on the medicine ...

Coumadin - Looking for participants for Warfarin therapy user research. Interested?

Posted 29 Jan 2014 7 answers

As someone who has struggled with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms, I know how difficult Warfarin therapy can be. That is why my team and I are building a mobile and web application that allows patients to dose safely from home, and remain in constant contact with their medical ...

How long on average should it take for eliquis to dissolve a DVT running the entire length of a leg?

Posted 18 Aug 2017 1 answer

trauma induced dvt in 62 yo male.

Coumadin Failure?

Posted 27 Jan 2013 7 answers

released from hospital after 1 week of heprin drip and conversion to coumadin. Had alms died from multiple bilateral PEs. went home on coumadin right at 2.0 - three days later developed a new clot on coumadin (a very big clot in left leg). Admitted again and converted to lovenox injections. Minimum ...

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - Can I take any herbs or teas to stay away from while on Xarelto 20mg?

Posted 8 Aug 2018 1 answer

Can I take garlic supplements while on Xarelto 20mg?

Deep Vein Thrombosis - Greenfield Filter in my Inferior Vena Cava?

Posted 28 Jun 2012 5 answers

Is my Cardiologist correct here - He has opted to leave a Greenfield Filter in my Inferior Vena Cava "as an extra measure of protection" and I thought biological material built up on these? I have good, balanced, levels of Warfarin Sodium but guess that the risk of a PE is fairly high ...

Can paxil cause my period to come early please help?

Posted 24 Aug 2013 4 answers

Started paxil ten days ago and got my period now when I wasn't expecting it yet for another week or so is this dangerous I'm especially scared cause I take xarelto for a dvt

Deep Vein Thrombosis - I had a blood clot in my popliteal vein and a pulmonary embolism?

Posted 24 Aug 2009 2 answers

... embolism. Now my left leg measures two inches bigger than the right leg and I still have problems with swelling. I am also tired all the time and have trouble starting projects and finishing things. Does this swelling ever go away? Does the leg size come back to normal? Is being tired part of ...

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - I am on Xarelto for a partial DVT diagnosed on 10-11. My Vascular Dr.?

Posted 30 Nov 2014 3 answers

... did doppler on 10-28 and no evidence of DVT. I am still taking Xarelto for the 3 month therapy. After 3 busy days I have a cramp pain in my calf. Could I have a new DVT while still on Xarelto?

What foods should I avoid when taking Lovenox 150mg/1ml?

Posted 6 Mar 2010 2 answers

What foods should I avoid when taking Lovenox 150mg/1ml. I have cancer and am throwing a lot of blood clots

Xarelto and Sun Exposure?

Posted 11 May 2013 2 answers

My wife (28) has May Thurners, has a clot, was treated for a PE a few weeks ago, and is now on Xarelto. With summer coming up, we were wondering if sun bathing presents a risk. Any help would be great. Thanks

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