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Cyproheptadine Questions

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Cyproheptadine - Can you get an alternative to these tabets to boost appetite?

Is there an alternative to this medicine?

Cyproheptadine - prescribed or over-the-counter?

Is Periactin (cyproheptadine) an over-the-counter drug or does it have to be prescribed by your doctor?

Cyproheptadine - Is there an over-the-counter that will attain similar results?

I am 6' 155 and am very thin.

Cyproheptadine - Can peritol cause infertility?

Hey so am 20years old and am trying to conceive a baby but it not working, am taking peritol tablets so I wanna know if this pill can stop you from getting pregnant???

Is it safe to take cyproheptadine apetamin tablets?

Hi im breastfeeding mum,im underweight my baby is 11 months i heard this tablet can gain weight for 5 to 7 pounds a week.sometimes i feel ashame of myself.everytime i go out everyone staring at me saying im too i tried a lot but none works so i wanted to try this,question is do i need to... read more

Cyproheptadine - how long for drowsiness and sleepiness?

i'm on day 2 of cypro 2mg 1st day dizzy and sleepy day 2 dizziness calmed down but sleepiness is still there how long does this usually last ?

Can I take mirtazapine (Remeron) 15mg together with cyproheptadine 4mg?

Or will one lower the affect of the other? I want to take both for weight gain but not sure if they have interactions with each other. Will one lower the effect of the other? Or one will not work? I want to take them both.

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