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Crohn's Disease - Maintenance Questions

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How much does Entyvio cost per month?

Is Entyvio an immunosuppressant or a biologic?

How long does it take Entyvio to start working?

How do you inject Humira?

Will I lose weight with Entyvio?

Can I take antibiotics while on Entyvio?

How long has Entyvio been on the market?

Does Medicaid cover Entyvio?

Does Tysabri suppress the immune system?

How long can you take Tysabri for?

How and where is the Cimzia injection given?

How long does a Tysabri infusion take?

Does Tysabri cause cancer?

Is Tysabri a form of chemotherapy?

Long term use of Prednisone and side effects?

I was diagnosed with moderate to severe Crohn's disease about a year and half ago. At that time, the Drs. put me on 4000mgs of Pentasa, it didn't help. About a year ago they added Prednisone to my meds, 40 mgs a day. I'm still doing 40 mgs a day. I have already lost one tooth and... read more

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