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Cough Questions

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How much is 10 mL in teaspoons or tablespoons?

I need to take 10 mL of cough medicine.

Which blood pressure medications cause coughing?

Can you have pneumonia without a cough?

What is the difference between Mucinex D and Mucinex DM?

If I'm on fluoxetine, what can I take for a bad cough associated with a cold or strep throat?

I am taking 20mg Prozac. I read that there are severe interactions between fluoxetine and dexmethorophan. What can I take for a really bad cough with a cold?

How much and how often can an adult take Coricicin HBP Cough and Cold?

Bromfed DM - can this be purchased without a prescription?

I have had a cough for about 14 weeks and they can't seem to find out why. I used to take Bromfed and it took care of the problem. It was given then by prescription only. I just want to know if it is available over the counter now?

Delsym 12 Hour Cough Relief. Can I give a small dose of this medicine to my child?

I don't have any other cough syrup in the house and want to know if my 5 1/2 year old (she weighs 40 lbs) can take a 1/2 or 1/4 teaspoon of this medication?

What antibiotics are used to treat bronchitis?

How can I get rid of cough caused by lisinopril for high BP?

I started lisinopril about a month ago for high blood pressure, and have developed a dry cough I can hardly sleep at night and I'm driving my co-workers crazy coughing all day its usually worse in the morning. I take the medication at night.

Adderall - Anyone else have a side effect of obsessively hacking up what turns out to be nothing?

Since taking adderall my bf hacks, coughs, scrocks, whatever you wanna call it, CONSTANTLY. It's gross and it actually seems to be unproductive. He will do it for five minutes straight, claiming it feels like something is stuck way back in his throat but he never actually splits anything out.... read more

Codeine/Promethazine - do you need a prescripiton to buy promethazine?

i have bad cold and coughing alot

Alternatives to Lisinopril? The cough & headaches are driving me insane!

What is a good inexpensive alternative to lisinopril? I am 50 years old and was prescribed lisinopril for high blood pressure. My family and friends have noticed my awful cough. I cant sleep and have zero energy for even the simplest things. I am slightly overweight but have always been very... read more

I was put on Lisinopril a year ago and had a continuous phelgm ridden cough ever since, anyone else?

I had bronchitis when I first started . I've had a phlegm ridden cough that has persisted for an entire year! My 77 year old father has been on it longer than I, he also had the same cough bringing up constant mucus! He now has a feeding tube because the flap separating swallowing going into... read more

Levothyroxine - could this cause a chesty cough with phlegm?

I have been on levothyroxine for about 3-4 months. I have a chesty cough that brings up phlegmThought was allergies or cold but have been on anti biotics twice now and cough does not go away. is worse at night-at times wake up choking(horrible scary feeling) HAs this happened to anyone else? I am... read more

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