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CoQ10 is safe in pregnancy or not? Explain?

Posted 7 Mar 2018 by Afzal Ahmed 0 answers

Se puede tomar ELIQUIS y CoQ10?

Posted 7 Dec 2017 by Jesus Boutefeu 1 answer

Se puede tomar eliquis y CoQ10 simultaneamente? Ahora tomo Eliquis.

Atrial Fibrillation - Can I take Coq10 with my daily Flecainide of 100 mg a day?

Posted 16 Mar 2017 by Bluesilk 0 answers

I had my first Afib episode last week and now taking Flecainide to control the attacks. I know Coq10 is supposed to make the heart stronger. I stopped taking it but would like to start again.

Eliquis - Foods and supplements to avoid?

Posted 9 Feb 2016 by HNanaH 1 answer

What foods and supplements should not be taken with Eliquis apart from grapefruit? Can a person take magnesium, CoQ10, Omega 3,Collagen, phsylium, calcium, D3,Vitamin c, Enzymes etc?

Lisinopril - Can you take CoQ10?

Posted 13 May 2013 by angelbaby49 1 answer

I just started taking this and have to take in the morning. I take CoQ10 200mg everyday. I have to take it for high blood pressure.

Coenzyme Q10 - Does body become dependent on coQ10 when it is used for a long period of time? I have

Posted 8 Sep 2016 by Kioom 0 answers

... used 100 mg daily coQ10 for 8 months to treat muscle wasting and I am going to gradually stop it. What side effects should I expect?

I take Plavix after a heart attack I want to change to herbal instead?

Posted 27 Jul 2016 by Maddie73 1 answer

Is there any reaction between Plavix and policosanol which contains octacosanol and CoQ10

I got severe muscle pain on Atorvastin so my doc switched me to pravastatin with coQ10. Is is good?

Posted 29 Jan 2016 by vivianlinda 2 answers

this OK? Why coQ10? He wants me to take coQ10 3 times a day. Any one with experience with this combo? Vivian

Should CoQ10 be used if you cannot eat organ meats because of gout?

Posted 30 May 2016 by barbh4JC 0 answers

I cannot eat livers, it causes gout. I have high blood pressure. Would this be beneficial for me?

What is the effect of COQ10 on warfarin?

Posted 14 Feb 2016 by 340marvin 1 answer

Drug interactions: xeralto & CoQ10?

Posted 17 Jun 2015 by Yvette77 1 answer

My patient is taking these for atrial fib. Are there any interactions between these two?

What is the recommended dose of coq10 per day for a 78 yr old woman with irregular heart beat?

Posted 25 Apr 2015 by MILLES 1 answer

I have always had very good cholesterol but on last blood test about 2 weeks ago , good cholesterol was still high , but the bad one had gone up. He put me on simvastatin which is a statin drug . He did that one time a few months ago and after about 2 weeks I stopped it by myself because it was ...

What is the best brand to buy CoQ10

Posted 4 Nov 2010 by 2356 1 answer

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