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Constipation Questions

Related terms: Difficulty passing stool, Irregularity of bowels

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When is the best time to take MiraLAX?

Does gabapentin cause constipation?

Can antibiotics cause constipation?

Does tramadol cause constipation?

What is the maximum dosage for Colace stool softener at one time?

I took 400 mg at one time. I have chronic constipation and nothing works except for magnesium citrate. I don't have a bowel movement unless I use magnesium citrate because the Colace doesn't work. I don't use magnesium citrate every day, only to prevent my poo from backing up too... read more

Amitiza - how long does it take to work? Is it better to take after dinner?

Fleet Enema - What is the difference between constipation and fecal impaction?

Why does Aimovig cause constipation?

Can Adderall cause constipation?

I have been taking it for couple years and recently something changed. I happened to look at side effects and that was one of them. I am also aware of all the reasons for constipation, and my diet is good, moderate exercise, more strength training then cardio usually.

Can Farxiga cause constipation?

What type of drug is Motegrity?

What type of constipation is Motegrity used to treat?

How do you deal with pain meds and constipation? Great idea below...

I have a method that works for me - unsulphered apricots - they work really well, I eat some every single day, and have never had an issue with that frustrating side effect of pain meds even after surgery when taking a great deal of medication. I know this is not a question but I wanted to help... read more

I am a female and I'm badly constipated . Will an enema help?

I have been constipated since this morning and I have to go but its to big and too hard and its making my butt hurt. I am so uncomfortable. I took some Miralax this morning but it didn't help. It is trying to come out but its too big. My husband suggested an enema? Will that make me have the... read more

Does Lexapro cause gas pains in chest and constipation?

I’m on my 3rd week and on 5mg. I am experiencing constipation and today I feel trapped gas causing minor chest pains. Before that I had headache every day but that is gone. Just wondering if others had this issue.

Can constipation cause extreme fatigue and nausea?

MY 17 year old nephew has been very sick with extreme fatigue and nausea for about 3 weeks. He just saw gi, who told him it's constipation. His mom (my twin sis) is furious-but I think it's possible, and she should at least try treating it. My sister is concerned something more serious is... read more

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