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Congestive Heart Failure Questions


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OTC Dosage Equivilant for Potassium CL 10 mEq ER?

Posted 23 Apr 2013 by MsKharma 8 answers

My husband has been prescribed Potassium CL 10 mEq ER, 1 Tab 2X Day because he has also been prescribed Furosemide (aka Lasik) 40 mg, 1 Tab 2X Day for Congestive Heart Failure. My question is if he where to take an OTC Potassium Gluconate 595mg, 2 Tabs 2X Day (4 Tabs Total Daily) is he getting ...

Is Lisinopril a Beta Blocker or ACE Inhibitor?

Posted 27 Mar 2014 by aquanaut 3 answers

and what is a beta blocker anyway?

Why is Spironolactone not listed as an Anti-Androgen?

Posted 20 Jul 2013 by PrincessKira 4 answers

I've heard about this drug before and didn't realize until recently that it was the same as the drug most Transgendered individuals call simply "spiro." The feminizing effects of this drug are not listed here. As a MTF Transgenderist individual my self; that's how I ...

Is being tired, weak, and gaining weight since taking warfarin to be expected?

Posted 5 Aug 2011 by jmac41 2 answers

I have been taking Warfarin about nine months, these complaints continue. Daily activities wear me out quickly. Any help for this? Last month I learned I have early stages of CHF. Does Warfarin have any effect on that condition?

I'm looking for a over-the-counter Lasix that will work quickly?

Posted 29 May 2018 by Angelia England 0 answers

Difficulty breathing, get winded quickly, legs and feet swollen and skin on his legs are seeping a pus type ooz. His blood pressure was the high side of hypertension but he's started resting, eating better , stopped salt and smoking. BP was 172/76 yesterday. Much better. He needs to dissipate ...

Digoxin brand replaced with Lanoxin causing negative side effects?

Posted 17 days ago by shawny_sweets 0 answers

My mom has been on digoxin for about 10 years now for congestive heart failure and it's worked great with few side effects. Her cardiologist has halved her dosage because her condition has improved so much. The problem is that he changed her prescription to Lanoxin and it is causing her ...

Best substitute for carvedilol?

Posted 14 Mar 2013 by sharonfisher 3 answers

Heart Failure - Is the combination of digoxin and high potassium levels dangerous?

Posted 11 May 2018 by LLLois 1 answer

Patient has congestive heart failure which is a result of having cardiomyopathy.

I took 50mg of metoprolol, and my dosage is 17mg?

Posted 25 Mar 2018 by pyoung1 1 answer

I was wondering if I should be concerned, since I took too much?

I have lost enamel and have rotten front teeth due to medication over the years.

Posted 18 Mar 2018 by Freddybear3 0 answers

Aspirin. metoprolol and clonidine daily for a lot of years if I have a doctor attest to this would Medicare pay for dentures as most of my teeth need to be extracted

Carvedilol - Is there any vitamins that you shouldn't take with Coreg?

Posted 1 Mar 2018 by Angelasmiles74 0 answers

Is there any vitamins that shouldn't be taken with Coreg?

Can I take Benadryl with diltiazem for rash and itching?

Posted 6 Feb 2018 by EllenRich82 0 answers

Rash all over body. I think from new laundry detergent

Fluid Retention - I would like to know exactly how furosemide works? I have been taking it for...

Posted 19 Oct 2017 by Pat H 1 answer

... almost 70 years now and of course now it is now as effective. One thing I have found is that if you raise your feet the swelling in your ankles does not go away, it moves into your thighs and rear end. Now if you lay flat and raise your feet, it also can move into your chest cavity. It moves to ...

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