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Clopidogrel Questions

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Brilinta vs Plavix: what's the difference?

Which is better or more effective Brilinta or Plavix?

Is ticagrelor better than clopidogrel?

I accidentally took my morning meds tonight. Do I take my night meds now?Do I skip am meds in morn?

Am meds: PLAVIX, Coreg cr, ,Clopidogrel, Venlafaxine. Pm meds: Simvastatin, Aspirin, Had a HA blockage in LAD in 2009. Ended up with 6 stents in LAD after a Vaso-vagal event

Clopidogrel manufacture and max temp?

2 questions re clopidogrel. where do you manufacture this drug and what is the maximum temperature at which it can be kept before the tablets could be altered damaged so that they would not be effective.

Taking Clopidogrel 75. Is it OK to take Cialis?

Recently had 2 stents inserted into my heart. Does taking Cialis with this blood thinner pose any danger?

A strange smell to clopidogrel?

I recently got a bottle of clopidogrel that has a strong odor... The company who manufactured it is TEVA Pharmaceuticals I cannot get any answers from them... Is it safe to take this medicine?

Should I avoid eating cranberries and grapefruit as I take clopidogrel?

My other medication includes ramipril (10mg) Simvastatin (40 mg) and Atenolol (25 mg)

Substitute for omeprazole acid reflux?

I am taking clopidogrel,generic for plavix & omeprazole cannot be taken with it because it interferes with the effectiveness of the clopidogrel. So I was told to ask what I can substitute for the omeprazole that would not be a problem with the clopidogrel.

Clopidogrel - How long should it take to get out of system?

How long should it take to get out of system he olny had about 2 Tabtals, My Dad is 80 years old can you tell me the side effects are.He was great before he when in to hospital. Only got pain in his chest. the 999 men said all all right.

How long is Clopidogrel 75mg good for?

How long after you get a script is it good for. How long is Clopidogrel 75mg good for if I have not openned or ripped the seal on the bottle it came in?

Do I take clopidogrel morning or night?

Can you safely take 1/2 clopidogrel 75 mg tab?

Is is safe to cut a clopidogrel 75 mg tab in half to take 1/2 dose instead of the whole dose? My Mom is just not sure she wants to be taking this type of medication so she'd like to only take 1/2 tab.

Is clopidogrel a blood thinner?

What food should I avoid when taking Clopidogrel?

Is bisulfate a form of sulfur?

I take Plavix and i noticed in the ingredients that it contains clopidogrel bisulfate. I am allergic to sulfur products.

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