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Naproxen - how long does it take for this drug to leave your system?

Posted 17 Jan 2015 by bearkins 1 2 answers

After feeling so ill with chest pains and shortness of breath , blurred vision and generally unwell I decided to check this medication out on this site. I had been prescribed Naproxen approx 2years ago for arthritis, I am also taking an antidepressant. I had treatment for blood clots in both lungs ...

Discomfort in lungs/diaphragm/chest and tightness of throat 5 days after vomiting?

Posted 10 Jun 2016 by Subzero22 2 answers

Last sunday I had a hangover and threw up (since then I have given up the alcohol and addressed my problem with that). During the vomiting, I was leaning against a building (not sure if that's relevant, but friends have commented that an odd posture might be the cause of the issue). Since ...

Omeprazole - How long before prilosec is out of my system?

Posted 17 Jun 2016 by Carolyngardner 1 answer

I took prilosec for 6 weeks. At first it help with my acid reflex but then i start feeling chest palpations and my chest would like someone was stabbing me. So I quit taken and I am still dealing with the palpations and pain . How does it take before it out of my system.

So I have been on Wellbutrin for 5 days now. At first I expierenced fast heart rate but that went?

Posted 4 days ago by Rossman8924 1 answer

... away by the second day. Now I have been dealing with chest pain. I called my doctor and she said that usually doesn't happen to people who take it. Like only 4% usually get that side effect. Today I took one dose 100mg and it feels alright. I am just wondering if anyone else has ...

Zytiga - Have a rash on back and chest. How long does this last? Is it serious?

Posted 24 hours ago by cayoniwahoo 0 answers

Rash on back is larg. Small on chest. Not itchy.

Lump on chest pain around heart/left lung area?

Posted 26 Aug 2016 by Daklal 2 answers

I have recently been having some pain that I thought was to do with my heart, but I have felt around my chest area and on the left side I have found a small lump but it feels like it should be apart of my bone, it feels very hard. I get sharp pains around my heart/left lung area at least once a ...

Costochondritis - Hi my son is 13 years old and has been diagnosed with Costochronditis it's been?

Posted 12 days ago by Kam20 2 answers

... starting 4 months now since he's had it and the pain just isn't getting any better,his chest and right side are constantly painful.Hes been taking ibuprofen and paracetamol 3 times a day but doesn't help at all.Hes had alot of time of school just don't know what else to do ...

Had chest pain over last few weeks. Last night lasted hour fast heart rate and was sick?

Posted 10 days ago by Chelsea08 1 answer

Had chest pains over last few weeks more than 6 episodes longest lasted hour no exserise. Was sick few times sweating. Is a sharp pain followed by squeezing sensations. I am a person who ignores most things. Checked heart rate resting was 120. Possible diagnosis? Or cause?

I have just had a chest Xray. I've had a cough for 3 months?

Posted 15 days ago by Kylesmom01 1 answer

CHEST 2 VIEWS: History: Cough Comparison: 02/20/2017. FINDINGS: The current study demonstrates poor definition of the lateral aspect of the right diaphragm consistent with some right pleural fluid and underlying right basilar atelectasis and/or infiltrate. Examination demonstrates ...

Red dot in chest after taking antibiotics?

Posted 15 days ago by NicoleVv 0 answers

I'm taking something called Bactron (trimetoprim / sulfamethoxazole) for my acnee, as indicated by my dermatologist. I take two pills every 6 hours. A day after I started, a red circle showed up on my chest. It's between my breasts, almost in the middle but leaning towards the right one. ...

Brain and body feel squeezed when lying down?

Posted 18 days ago by Lyndsiegreene 0 answers

For about a year now I've had the same symptoms. The first time it happened I was so scared I went to ER. I wake up and I feel like someone's been crushing me the entire night. My head, chest, and stomach feel squeezed. I usually throw up and cough a lot. I have a hard time breathing ...

Ketoconazole - Can using ketaconazole cream 2% lower effectiveness of oral contraceptive (birth?

Posted 20 days ago by Travelgal1590 0 answers

... control pill)? I am using it to treat a yeast infection on the chest and face area.

When I'm angry stressed or worried I get this pain in my chest n tummy which is really painful?

Posted 1 May 2017 by tasha2589 1 answer

This pain lasts hours what could this be

Can't anyone help with advice plz?

Posted 27 Apr 2017 by Hubeigirl04 1 answer

I believe I have been having panic attacks: Can't breathe, heart pounds, sweating... now throat is sore whole body aches, and moving around makes it hard to breathe deeply because my whole chest and throat hurt! My doctor believes that is what I am having and is starting me on Effexor. Can ...

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