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Is gabapentin safe for cats?

Can I give Aspirin to my dog or cat?

Can I give my dog or cat Tylenol (acetaminophen)?

Can my cat, dog or pet give me COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)?

My vet administered a single dose of Claro in each ear of my cat. Now has Horners syndrome left eye?

Took my cat to our local low cost Veterinary clinic. Cat had teary right eye with chronic ear itch. Doctor administered Claro in each ear and about two hours later my cat came down with Horner's syndrome in left eye. I took the cat back to the vet for a re-exam and the vet said the eye should... read more

L-Theanine - Theanine for cats ?

I have read it can because used in cats for anxiety issues ? If so , what is the dosage ?

What is Prazosin and why was it prescribed for my cat?

My cat spent overnight at the Vet clinic for a urinary blockage. When he was released, he was prescribed two medications. Metacam and Prazosin. I have been able to find info on Metacam but nothing for Prazosin. I would really like to know what I am giving this to my cat and why. I know I should... read more

Can I give tramadol to my cat for pain?

Is this amitriptyline 10mg?

My cat is on 10mg amitriptyline. Every time I have got it previously it has been a very small pill with the imprint I1. This time it is a larger pill with the imprint I3. My vet says it's the right dosage but when I put it in the pill identifier it tells me it's the 50mg tablet.

Tresaderm side effects?

My vet prescribed my cat tresaderm and now she's been sneezing. Is this normal? She has a yeast infection in her ears. She's been sleeping slot. She wAin't sneezing until I put the drops in. My vet never told me to refrigeratOr

Conjunctivitis in my cats eyes?

My12 year young Main Coon cat has conjunctivitis in both his eyes. Someone told me I should give him terramycin antibiotic ophthalmic ointment. Is this a cure for this condition or something he needs to be on for the rest of his life? Thank you.

Is my sick cat allowed to have formula 911? Will it help?

Can I use formula 911 for my sick cat? I have six cats, and which two of them are sick with an upper respiratory infection, and neither one of them will eat or drink. I took them to the vet and they did not help me. I need to find out if this is safe for my cats to take! The Vet has tried multiple... read more

Can I use the same oxytetracycline for cattle for my cat?

I have some oxytetracycline for cattle and was wondering if it's safe to use for my cat or do I need something different

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