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If it's never been opened can I still use nystatin oral?

Posted 13 Mar 2018 by Red5 1 answer

I have a bottle of nystatin oral but it's never been opened from the day I got it and it was a few years back. Can I still use it and if so would it work for a canker sore?

Canker Sore Question?

Posted 28 Sep 2017 by JMN1991 0 answers

Hello. On 9/1 I ate a piece of BBQ chicken Pizza. Later that night it felt like I burnt my tongue. I had a very lardge lump on my tongue I noticed. Around a 1/2 and inch. I thought I might of just irritated it. Next day I woke up and it was half the size. So I definitely wasn't conceded at ...

Wellbutrin - Have any of you experienced sever canker sores or mouth ulcers on this medication?

Posted 26 Jan 2013 by ddeutsch11 9 answers

My boyfriend has been on this medication for about a month and a half now and has experienced canker sores off and on. Recently, it has gotten worse. He now has sores all over his mouth and even on his tonsils. His tongue is all cut up as well. Have any of you experienced this? If so, what did you ...

Is my canker sore more serious than I think?

Posted 8 Mar 2017 by Glennol98 0 answers

I have had a canker sore that hasnt hurt too much but it is very large , and it has a yellow crater in it , the sore is pinky and white with a yellow centre as i said

I get a lot of canker sores typically 1-5 at once and very often?

Posted 20 Apr 2016 by Emobaby 3 answers

I get canker sores wayyy to often and wayy to many at a time. I've read the internet and how anxiety and stress and low iron or vitamin came cause it. I do stress a lot and do have anxity, I don't bite my gums or anything like that

Can a serology be affected by swollen lymph nodes?

Posted 22 Nov 2016 by gengar1 0 answers

I have to do some laboratory exams including a serology for university reasons, however a lymph node under the right side of my jaw is swollen right now I think it's because of a canker sore due to my teeth brush slipping in my gums, I haven't got any flu or fever so I think that's ...

Is Lidocaine Viscous bad for Canker Sores?

Posted 29 Oct 2016 by jmemoirs 0 answers

I have had chronic canker sores my entire life. They are PAINFUL, usually quite large, and take a very long time to heal, usually with new ones developing as the old ones are healed. I've been to numerous doctors, taken plenty of blood tests, have always come back with healthy results and ...

I'm on oxybutynin for an extremely overactive bladder. One of the side effects is concerning me?

Posted 17 Nov 2015 by Bichon Mom 3 answers

I have a dry mouth and dry nose. But, it seems I've had more canker sores in my mouth than ever before. I'm wondering if it's because my mouth is so dry. Anyone else?

What to do for canker sores, sore gums, and strep?

Posted 30 May 2016 by OvalBubble0 0 answers

On Friday I was given amoxicillin for strep throat. Today is Monday, and my throat still really hurts and has white stuff on it, but over the weekend I also developed sore swollen gums that bleed when I brush my teeth and about 10 canker sores on my lips and tongue. Eating is basically impossible. ...

Canker sores - what causes them and how do you stop getting them?

Posted 19 Sep 2011 by not perfect 6 answers

Does anyone else have issues with mouth sores(canker sores)? Was diagnosed 8 months ago with hypothyroidism, started with levothyroxine as meds... am now on synthroid, still not feeling "normal self" and have gained almost 25 lbs... have taken all wheat, corn, & gluten out of diet and ...

It started with sore gums, now I have big sore on roof of mouth and headache?

Posted 27 Nov 2015 by steph2115 0 answers

For a few days mouth felt weird swollen and dry, then I got this sore on the roof of my mouth just thought it was a canker sore but if doesn't look like one. It is painful 24/7 I also have a headache, fever and diaherea. All my gums are swollen and sore what do I do? Do I need antibiotics. it ...

I recently was put on Prednisone for 1 week. After I finished the medication, I found that I was?

Posted 17 May 2014 by Ruth126 3 answers

... getting Canker sores inside my mouth. I have never had so many Canker sores at one time. They have been very painful and have been having trouble eating because of the pain. Is this a side affect after the medication is stopped? I was put on Prednisone because I had a severe attack of Arthritis.

Is it bad that my canker get white after I use oracle?

Posted 31 Oct 2015 by Lovelyleesee 0 answers

I had use orajel for the first time on my canker sore and it had turned all white. I was wondering if that is a bad sign that it had done that.

Tongue ulcers with swelling?

Posted 22 Apr 2015 by ApachePrincess 1 answer

My tongue is swollen, I have canker sores with yellowish puss pockets on both sides, under the tongue, on inside of left cheek and Also from middle of tongue to the very back and on roof of my mouth it feels like they were scraped with something. It is very very painful, almost to the point of ...

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