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How long does buprenorphine or suboxone stay in your blood and urine?

Posted 31 Oct 2009 by maryandluke 13 answers

how long does buprenorphine or suboxone stay in your blood and urine?

Butrans Patch 5,10,20 mcg/hour 7 Day patch?

Posted 5 Dec 2010 by BCboy 26 answers

On July 1st this year purdue pharmcy has released a new Buprenorphine Transdermal system patch,my pain specialist was thinking about prescribing it to me instead of oxys for pain,a person is supposed to keep the patch on for 7 days and then change it.i told her that id rather stick to the oxys,she ...

Buprenorphine - what are the withdrawal symptoms from butrans patches 5mg?

Posted 12 Feb 2012 by mckaya5 10 answers

ive been on the 5mg patches for back pain for 6months,but i have sleep disturbance and puritis..i have decided to stop them two days i doing myself harm... i have had shaky legs during the night..what other symptoms could i have and do i need to inform my doctor... i am still taking ...

I need help for headache pain, I am so sick of my head hurting most of the time?

Posted 7 Jul 2012 by A69 8 answers

I will accept and appreciate any advice, suggestions, etc. on how to deal with it, get rid of it or lessen it. thank you.


Posted 16 Sep 2011 by alpegval 1 answer


What's the difference between Suboxone and Subutex?

Posted 12 Jun 2009 by AuntShell 2 answers

Can one be used in combination with Vicodin to increase the effectiveness for pain?

Can you tell me if anyone has experienced taking to much of buprenorphine and what maybe you can....

Posted 13 May 2018 by betsy197 0 answers to not be so sick and feel horrible? Just curious.

Buprenorphine/Naloxone - I can’t seem to get Zubsolv to dissolve. Please help?

Posted 13 Apr 2018 by Agerard1024 0 answers

Hey so I recently switched to Zubsolv and I can’t get them to dissolve I’ll put under tongue and won’t move it and literally hours later it will still be there. I’ll move tongue around and finally it will break apart but hours later still I have white pieces all under my ...

0.2mg buprenorphine but still cannot get off it?

Posted 15 Mar 2018 by Roubiliac 1 answer

After 6 years of tramadol for arthritis pain I got a new hip. I was on 4 X 5 mg a day. To help me get off Tramadol I was put on buprenorphine last December. I have managed to taper to 0.2 mg a day but trying to taper any further givds me the most awful restless leg, stomach cramps, running nose, ...

Were All Doctors Given Permission to Prescribe Suboxone or Buprenorphine?

Posted 20 Sep 2011 by Thor283 4 answers

I heard a rumor about this, last week. Does anyone know if it's true? I tend to doubt it, although I wish it was true. I personally see no reason why any doc with a DEA license can't write Sub or Bupe. If they can write Methadone, they should be able to write for Buprenorphine in any of ...

Buprenorphine refill question?

Posted 6 Mar 2018 by kristi66 0 answers

This is a schedule II prescription so I am able to get refills each month at the pharmacy. However, since Rite Aid Pharmacy took over our town, they used the date that I am eligible for a medication refill as the date my medication was picked up instead of the date I phoned in my request for a ...

Buprenorphine - Is anyone taking the pill form?

Posted 6 Feb 2018 by Celtiad 1 answer

Most of the reviews are for the patches and I'm due to start taking the pills any day now. So many are not happy with the patches I'm wondering why that seems to be the Drs. choice rather than the pills. So any reviews for the pills would be nice. Oh yes, for those people saying they ...

Taking buprenorphine for chronic pain, what do I do for pain when getting a wisdom tooth cut out?

Posted 5 Feb 2018 by jensco 0 answers

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis when I was 16 years old. I am 47 now. My spine and ribs are almost completely fused. Waited a long time to ask and was finely put on Oxycontin and Norco about 12 years ago. It has given me back my life. It has worked beautifully for pain with out issue. I ...

My mom started taking buprenorphine 3 days ago to help her get off opioids. The first 2 days she was

Posted 23 Dec 2017 by Worried daughter 83 0 answers

... throwing up. Her doctor gave her zofran to help with the nausea and it seemed to work. Yesterday she slept all day. By the evening she was confused and beginning to be incoherent. This morning she was completely incoherent. I had to help her to the bathroom. I called her doctor and asked if I ...

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