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How long does buprenorphine or Suboxone stay in your blood and urine?

Posted 31 Oct 2009 13 answers

how long does buprenorphine or Suboxone stay in your blood and urine?

Butrans Patch 5,10,20 mcg/hour 7 Day patch?

Posted 5 Dec 2010 28 answers

On July 1st this year purdue pharmcy has released a new Buprenorphine Transdermal system patch,my pain specialist was thinking about prescribing it to me instead of oxys for pain,a person is supposed to keep the patch on for 7 days and then change it.i told her that id rather stick to the oxys,she ...

Buprenorphine - what are the withdrawal symptoms from butrans patches 5mg?

Posted 12 Feb 2012 12 answers

ive been on the 5mg patches for back pain for 6months,but i have sleep disturbance and puritis..i have decided to stop them two days i doing myself harm... i have had shaky legs during the night..what other symptoms could i have and do i need to inform my doctor... i am still taking ...

I need help for headache pain, I am so sick of my head hurting most of the time?

Posted 7 Jul 2012 8 answers

I will accept and appreciate any advice, suggestions, etc. on how to deal with it, get rid of it or lessen it. thank you.

Does suboxone show as an opiate on a urine sample? And does hydrocodone and or oxycodone show...

Posted 16 Sep 2011 1 answer

... differently? Does suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) come up or show on a urine test for probation? Does hydrocodone and oxycodone (lortab/Vicodin/Percocet) show differently on legal systems urine test given for probation?

What's the difference between Suboxone and Subutex?

Posted 12 Jun 2009 2 answers

Can one be used in combination with Vicodin to increase the effectiveness for pain?

Will suboxone show up in a military drug test at meps PLEASE HELP!! I know it doesn't show up as?

Posted 18 Feb 2010 7 answers

i know it will not show up as an opiate evan though it has some in it. if i did fail it would come up as buprenorphine. some one please help scared to go but have to get it done but i really need to. my dreams are in the army and must go but not ready to quit suboxone quite yet. does anybody know ...

I am at my wits end. Don't know what to do?

Posted 27 Jan 2012 17 answers

Some of you know me and you know about this problem. It's becoming very acute. I need something for chronic anxiety, and my doc just doesn't care. He has all these crazy rules, such as he won't write a Benzo script for more than 10 pills. Although a few months ago it was 15 pills. ...

Is a prescription still valid for a drug test when it was filled 5 mo. ago?

Posted 16 Aug 2010 6 answers

im going to be taking a drug test in one week for advancement within the company i work for.a complete physical and drug screen is taking buprenorphine(suboxone) as needed (1-2 doses weekly).i am also taking alprazolam 1mg as needed to help me get to sleep at night.i purchased the last ...

Were All Doctors Given Permission to Prescribe Suboxone or Buprenorphine?

Posted 20 Sep 2011 4 answers

I heard a rumor about this, last week. Does anyone know if it's true? I tend to doubt it, although I wish it was true. I personally see no reason why any doc with a DEA license can't write Sub or Bupe. If they can write Methadone, they should be able to write for Buprenorphine in any of ...

How long has buprenorphine been available?

Posted 2 days ago 1 answer

New laws regarding suboxone and other narcotic pain medicine?

Posted 25 Nov 2010 4 answers

I'd like to add that I live in Arizona, if it matters what the laws are in each state. However, I invite anyone who might need the assistance to come forward, especially those in my position who need pain management along with opioid dependency treatment. So far everything I've read on ...

Now I Have rls and Don't know what to do?

Posted 31 Jan 2012 8 answers

I think it's RLS. It's more like restless lower body syndrome. I can't sit still in my chair. I feel like I have to keep moving around. And this never happens to me. About 3 hours ago I took 10 mg Flexeril. It minimized it for a short time, but it's back. What can I do, or take? ...

New Butran PATCH (buprenorphine) by Purdue Pharm?

Posted 25 Nov 2010 6 answers

my pain specialist might be prescribing this patch to me,it lasts 7 days.i read those people who are on painkillers will be put on this aswell.

Is weight gain a problem with Buprenorphine/Naloxone?

Posted 6 Mar 2016 7 answers

I started taking 8-2MG SL about a month ago. since then I've been sweating profusely. That's the only side effect I've noticed so far. Does anyone else have sweating as a symptom? I haven't gained weight but am worried I'll do so. Is weight gain one of the side effects of ...

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