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Breakthrough Pain Questions

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What's the best muscle relaxant available with a prescription? All opinions wanted!

I'm about to start a skeletal muscle relaxant for physical therapy and need your help! Here are a list of skeletal muscle relaxants. Please select the one you have had the best results with and let me know about it! I would appreciate it so much! Thanks in advance! -Carisoprodol (Soma) ... read more

Apotex Corp Fentanyl Transdermal Patches?

I was told by my pain management doctor that after getting the Mallinckrodt brand Fentanyl patches for about 3 years that it's now discontinued. Does anybody know for sure whether or not Mallinckrodt Fentanyl Transdermal patches are discontinued? He now gave me this new brand of patches by... read more

What's the best generic Fentanyl Patch? SANDOZ? MYLAN?

I heard that the MYLAN brand is the best do to the size and adhesive properties. I also heard that the SANDOZ brand is exactly the same as the brand name Duragesic. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

For those on Methadone for chronic pain: What medications work for you for breakthrough pain?

I understand that Methadone is a large molecule and covers the opiate receptors really well, so not much else will work. I've been using Fentora for breakthrough pain, but my doctor doesn't want to prescribe that anymore. One idea is oxycodone - are there other medications that might... read more

Is is true that methadone blocks the effects of other opiates like oxycodone?

i was recently prescribed 5mg of methadone HCI 2x a day and 10mg of oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Someone told me that methadone blocks other opiates, but then why would my Dr. put me on oxy with the Methadone? Thank you!

Taking 4mg Dilaudid. Can I use 10 or 15mg for breakthrough pain?

4mg Dilaudid every 4 hours and have severe breakthrough pain occasionally. I switched to 4mg Dilaudid after 15mg oxycodone lost its effect. I have 15 mg oxycodone pills left over from my previous treatment and I’m wondering if I can take an oxycodone in between the Dilaudid for breakthrough... read more

What would be a good alternative to replace Fentanyl?

I am wanting to get off of fentanyl, and need some answers for a replacement. I don't want oxycontin since everyone is having so much trouble with it. Any answers would be very much Appreciated. By the way, I am taking 50 mcg. every 48 hrs.

Gastroparesis and taking my meds, a delay in meds working?

Ever since I was diagnosed in '07/2011, it seems to me that it takes much longer for my meds to take affect. I have a pacemaker implanted to make my stomach work. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of situation. I can take my tramadol and it takes up to 4 hours to get... read more

Chronic Pain - Unwaranted, and protested discontinuance of "Fentanyl Transdermal Patches!"?

Has anyone been recently cut-off from receiving long term use (i.e., 10 -15 years) of "Fentanyl Transdermal Patches?" I had used them for long-term "Chronic Pain," with excellent results - pain controlled up to and exceeding 90%, with no euphoria, or need for break-through pain... read more

Buprenorphine - Why am I not getting pain relief?

With the 10mcg patch I was prescribed oxycodone 10mg IR. I was told the oxycodone is for breakthrough pain. Prior to these prescriptions I was on oxycodone 10mg IR. I was getting good relief using just the oxycodone but I usually had to take 2 pill at a time. When I took a bad fall or had increased... read more

If I take 150mg of Nucynta ER twice a day, what can cause my UA to show no traces of Nucynta ER?

I am a pain specialist patient and have been for about 5 years. I take 150mg of Nucynta ER twice a day. Two months ago I was taken off 50mg of Nucynta/day for breakthrough pain. For the last several months, I have been required to have a UA. Today, I was told that the UA from last month showed no... read more

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