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Blood Sugar Questions

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How long does metformin take to work?

Does metformin lower A1C, if so how much?

How to test for hypoglycemia at home?

Does letrozole affect blood sugar levels?

How much does Baqsimi cost?

How does diazoxide (Proglycem) cause hyperglycemia?

How does diazoxide cause hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels)?

Trulicity - redness and itching at injection site?

does anyone have redness and itching at the injection site for a few days? for the first month, everything was fine, no problems nor issues other than feeling like my blood sugar was low on occasion. But, lately the shot has been burning at the injection site then I will notice a small red itchy... read more

Can I take Apple Cider Vinegar while taking lisinopril?

I am trying to control my blood sugar with diet and stay off meds. ACV is a good natural way to lower it but my Dr put me on 10 mg of lisinopril for BP.

Can Neurontin raise my blood sugar?

I have type 2 diabetes and my sugar has been very good until I started this drug?

Higher blood sugar on Jardiance?

Recently I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. My general practitioner immediately prescribed metformin. I found a new endocrinologist and made an appointment with him to discuss an action plan. He immediately put me on Jardiance given my heart disease history. I just started taking the Jardiance... read more

What's the buzz on Ozempic and Wegovy?

Tresiba - Do you gain weight on this insulin?

I have been diabetic for 31 years in the last couple I have lost all control of my weight and blood sugars so very worried about this being a problem.

I'm on glipizide er and still have high blood sugars. What am I doing wrong ?

I had lactic acidosis so I can't take metformin. I am now on 20 mg of glipizide er taken at breakfast. I did have an infection but have now finished the antibiotic.

Does gabapentin raise blood sugar?

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