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Can you take the birth control pill while on depo to stop bleeding?

Posted 16 Dec 2015 by Kaytlin holley 1 answer

I've been bleeding since a week after I got the shot I'm tired of it

Can birth control cause anxiety/panic attacks?

Posted 3 Jan 2016 by emkate 2 answers

Hi, I've been on hormonal birth control pills, monophasic and combined. Marlissa 0.15mg/0.03mg. I started taking these October 2013. Starting April 2014, I had my first ever anxiety attack, and I had my worst anxiety attacks all throughout that year. Last year, 2015, I was much better after ...

Aubra birth control?

Posted 20 Aug 2014 by Ceciliacruz 4 answers

I have been taking aubra birth control pills for 3 weeks now. I am on my 4th week (brown pills) i am on the 3rd day of the week and i have not gotten my period. Should i be worried?

What are differences between birth control pill and Depo shot?

Posted 1 Apr 2014 by MommaSmith 2 answers

Side effects, weight gain, mood swings, etc... looking for answers for my 16 year old daughter...

First month Birth Control, got my period before placebo pills?

Posted 18 Feb 2015 by loups 1 answer

My doctor told me that it's now okay to first start taking your birth control pills whenever you want, you don't have to wait for your period or the sunday afterwards. After a second opinion and some personal research I learned this is indeed true. So I started taking them the first ...

When do birth control pills expire?

Posted 31 Mar 2016 by CrysstA 1 answer

I have a three pack of Generess Fe birth control pills that were prescribed to me last year. I want to start taking them now, but want to make sure they haven't expired. I have checked every inch of the packaging and cannot find a "use by" date. Is there a standard expiration period ...

Forgot to take a weeks worth of birth control, what do I do?

Posted 6 Apr 2015 by KatieBilodeau 2 answers

I was out of town the week after my period ended when I was supposed to start my birth control pills. I have missed 6 days of pills. I am currently using the Microgestin Fe for birth control and I have had unprotected sex once during the week I have missed my pills. My boyfriend did pull out before ...

If taking birth control for the first time on Monday, shall I take missed Sunday pill as well?

Posted 16 Jun 2014 by Anastasia88 1 answer

First time starting birth control pills and decided to do a quick start. I started on Monday instead of Sunday. I took Sunday pill and Monday pill together because I skipped Monday. Is that correct way?

On the pill and worried I am pregnant??

Posted 4 days ago by Haleymariee31 1 answer

I have been taking Auzrette, for almost 2 years now. I am 17 years old and originally took it for cramps and acne. Me and my partner didn't use a condom on the 9th day of my cycle. Chances of being pregnant? I am on no antibiotics and I am pretty good at taking my pill on time. He also pulled ...

Am I pregnant or is my period just late?

Posted 6 days ago by Jes-r-p 1 answer

I used to take Trucira Lo 21, but I stopped taking the birth control pills once I ran out which was one month ago. I had protected sex with my boyfriend(condom) after I stopped taking the pills. I was supposed to have my period 8-9 days ago but I still don't have it but I do have some cramps. ...

Forgot to start my new package of my birth control pills?

Posted 3 days ago by aspisso 0 answers

I am a sunday starter and i forgot to start my new package of my birth control pills. its been 4 days now since i was supposed to start. what should i do?

Can I get pregnant during placebo week if I don't have my period on placebo week?

Posted 3 Apr 2017 by Mlynnc2013 0 answers

I'm on the pill and I had my period this month before placebo week so the second or third day into the week I was completely off my period. I know I probably can't because I'm flooded with the hormone but 4 days not taking the white pill while not on my period scares me. Anyone have ...

This is my 1st time on any form of birth control pill. My Dr put me on Sprintec.

Posted 4 days ago by flash55 0 answers

I started my period today but do not know which pill to take do I take the blue Tuesday pill or the white Tuesday pill.

If I have an irregular period on BC can I still get pregnant?

Posted 4 days ago by Harlei091 0 answers

So on birth control non stop. No placebo week or anything. But my periods are irregular. I've been on the pill over half a year now. Can I still get pregnant even though I take them everyday? Thanks!

Does birth control always change your period?

Posted 5 days ago by Jennacorts 0 answers

When i first started on birth control, My period shortened to four days as opposed to 6, but after 4 months of being on the pill it's gotten lighter and shortened to three days. on the third day of bleeding, it was mainly really light, not quite spotting but almost there. Is that normal?

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