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Can you have mimic ovulation pains on birth control pill?

Posted 4 Mar 2014 by Cfw0117 2 answers

I started lutera back in January. Finished the first month, taking each pill everyday correctly. I had breakthrough bleeding a whole week on the active pills that month and then had my period. I waited until halfway though my second pack until I had sex without a condom. The next day after that I ...

First month Birth Control, got my period before placebo pills?

Posted 18 Feb 2015 by loups 1 answer

My doctor told me that it's now okay to first start taking your birth control pills whenever you want, you don't have to wait for your period or the sunday afterwards. After a second opinion and some personal research I learned this is indeed true. So I started taking them the first ...

Can you take the birth control pill while on depo to stop bleeding?

Posted 16 Dec 2015 by Kaytlin holley 1 answer

I've been bleeding since a week after I got the shot I'm tired of it

What are differences between birth control pill and Depo shot?

Posted 1 Apr 2014 by MommaSmith 2 answers

Side effects, weight gain, mood swings, etc... looking for answers for my 16 year old daughter...

Can vitamins affect birth control pill efficacy?

Posted 10 Jun 2015 by cupcake217 1 answer

Hi there, I'm a 26 year old, sexually active female. I'm currently on the birth control pill Alesse 28, which I've been taking for more than a year. I've never missed a pill and am very diligent about taking my pill at roughly the same time every day. I've recently started ...

Should I take the Plan B pill ?

Posted 1 day 12 hours ago by lyvvv 1 answer

I have been taking Junel Fe 1/20 birth control pills for 2 months but 1 week ago I did not take the pill at the same time every day due to forgetting. This week I have been taking it at the same time every day. Last night my boyfriend and I had sex 2 times. the first time was with a condom but the ...

I've been on Microgestin Fe 1/20 for almost a year and have yet to have a period?

Posted 4 days ago by Cur10us3r 1 answer

My cycle was always very regular before birth control pills and even on a different type of pill. I don't have any problems with Microgestin Fe 1/20. No depression, moodiness, or weight gain. I'm just worried about not having a period. I'm not pregnant. Is it OK to just literally not ...

I had protected sex, on my period and I'm on the pill. Am I pregnant?

Posted 11 days ago by ChelseaL12 2 answers

This guy and I had sex with a condom on and I'm pretty sure he pulled out but I was not for sure as i had been drinking. I was also on my period (but very light) and I have been on the pill for 2 and a half years. I took 2 pregnancy tests a week after we had sex and they both came out ...

I missed 5 days of my birth control pills cuz of insurance issues?

Posted 4 days ago by neris 1 answer

I just got the new pack of birth control pills and missed 5 days because of insurance issues. Now I don't know what to do. I had unprotected sex during the 5 missed pills. Am I likely to be pregnant?

Normal to menstruate while taking active pills?

Posted 14 hours ago by shelbysavage 0 answers

I am on the pill, and I take it between 9-10 every day. This is my second month, third week. Yesterday I started a very light menstruation, but I'm not in my week of placebo pills yet. Is this normal?

Birth Control Pills - I've been taking birth control for a year now. I haven't had periods on my?

Posted 5 days ago by Ashley_r 1 answer

... pill but dr said I may not have them. I skipped one pill but took it the next day when I rembered. Now I'm spotting. I'm worried about not having a period could I get pregnant on birth control

I took my birth control pill 11-12 hours late during first active week of the packet?

Posted 5 days ago by Charlie19998 0 answers

So I took my birth control (Estelle 35 Ed) about 11-12 hours late in the first week back on the pills. It was the fourth pill, and took it as soon as I remembered and took my next one as usual. Am I still protected? I did have been having sex around this time. I am really worried please respond ...

Should I get Nexplanon if I had side effects with birth control pills?

Posted 8 days ago by Cleopatraquieresaber 0 answers

I had been taking birth control pills for about 4 years. I have try lot of different brands and kinds of pills and all of them cause on me irregular and heavy periods. I have had my period 1 month straight and every 15 days. Also pre menstrual syndrome and heavy flow. I went to the Doctor to stop ...

Still on my period and no more sugar pills?

Posted 13 days ago by pkot 2 answers

Hi, So I got my period on the 5th sugar pill (late I know) but I took the 7th pill yesterday and am still on my period. Pretty regular flow (not really stopping) and I'm hours away from starting the pills from the new packet. My question is, do I start the new month of pills as usual even ...

Late period on birth control- how likely is it that I'm pregnant?

Posted 7 days ago by paxxo345 0 answers

I had sex about 4 days after my sugar pills/period ended. I had taken 3 of the normal birth control pills and had sex the night before taking my 4th. I should've started my period about two or three days ago. We used a condom but everyone knows condoms break... I have never missed a period on ...

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