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What does it mean if I'm not getting my period while in the placebo birth control pills?

Posted 5 Mar 2015 by jsp925 1 answer

I have been taking the birth control pill Microgestin for almost a year now. My period has been fairly normal during this time. For the past 4 months or so, I have not always taken the placebo pills, I just continue with the hormone pills. Last month, my period started while I was taking the ...

No period on lo loestrin fe?

Posted 13 Jun 2016 by amanda326 1 answer

I've been on the pill for over a year now, my last one didn't work well for me (anxiety and? depression) so i switched to lo loestrin fe and i took it the first day of my period (may 17) and i haven't gotten my period yet and im starting my second pack today. i didn't spot, i ...

Will taking birth control pill an hour late improvise my protection?

Posted 26 Dec 2014 by imalwaysparanoid 1 answer

Two days ago I took my pill about 25 minutes late by accident and yesterday I took it an hour late accidentally. It is the first week of my 3rd month. Am I still protected? I got a new phone and I forgot to put my alarm on it.

If taking birth control for the first time on Monday, shall I take missed Sunday pill as well?

Posted 16 Jun 2014 by Anastasia88 1 answer

First time starting birth control pills and decided to do a quick start. I started on Monday instead of Sunday. I took Sunday pill and Monday pill together because I skipped Monday. Is that correct way?

What are differences between birth control pill and Depo shot?

Posted 1 Apr 2014 by MommaSmith 2 answers

Side effects, weight gain, mood swings, etc... looking for answers for my 16 year old daughter...

Can you have mimic ovulation pains on birth control pill?

Posted 4 Mar 2014 by Cfw0117 2 answers

I started lutera back in January. Finished the first month, taking each pill everyday correctly. I had breakthrough bleeding a whole week on the active pills that month and then had my period. I waited until halfway though my second pack until I had sex without a condom. The next day after that I ...

CRAMPS BUT NO PERIOD! Im irregular just started taking birth control pills???

Posted 22 Oct 2014 by laahlaah18 1 answer

Im 22 For the past month ive had cramps here and there but these past 2 weeks ive had cramps consistantly every day as if I was on my period I have like this bloating feelin as well when the cramps get strong. My period is every irregular, Just 2 weeks I started taking my birth control pills ...

Can I take my birth control pills earlier?

Posted 26 Apr 2015 by Olais 1 answer

i want to change the time i take my birthcontrol pills to like 4 hours earlier. This is because i have changed time zones and the time i am supposed to take them is late in the night. Is there a problem?

Threw up 5 hours after taking birth control pill?

Posted 23 hours ago by sarahma7 0 answers

I am on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and have been for several years. I threw up 5 hours after taking it a few nights ago. The information leaflet says to treat it as a missed pill if it was thrown up within 3-4 hours. So am I ok? Is anything more than 4 hours okay? As a precaution I treated it as a missed ...

Periods after sex every time?

Posted 1 day 13 hours ago by Lockedheart7690 0 answers

I have PCOS and a couple months ago my doctor put me on the pill to help me to have periods, prior to being on the pill I never had periods. So after a couple months of taking the pill everything was fine I would have my period once a month as you should and everything was okay. Then out of no ...

Birth Control Pills - So I had sex 2-3 weeks ago?

Posted 4 days ago by Famram 0 answers

I am on birth control and had sex 2-3 weeks ago. I dont take me pill at the exact same time every day( I always take them right before I go to bed) but I haven’t missed a day. Istarted my active pills 2 days ago and still haven’t started my period. Should I be worried?

Birth Control Pills - took my last week of placebo pills and I took them for about 6 days got one?

Posted 4 days ago by trish-25 0 answers

... day left but i took a active pill on the 6th day. would that stop my period?

I was on birth control shot for 9 years till I changed to birth control pills just last month?

Posted 7 days ago by crazygirl2009 1 answer

I'm on my last pill in the pack and I still haven't gotten a period yet? I'm a little worried?

Aubra birth control - on my 4th week and no period?

Posted 20 Aug 2014 by Ceciliacruz 4 answers

I have been taking aubra birth control pills for 3 weeks now. I am on my 4th week (brown pills) i am on the 3rd day of the week and i have not gotten my period. Should i be worried?

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