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How many days do I have to wait before I can have sex (on birth control pill)?

I was taking #14 metronidazole 500mg for a vaginal bacterial infection. The nurse informed me on the phone that I can resume sexual activity without a condom as soon as I finish the pill. I ...

Posted 12 Feb 2016 0 answers

Could my girlfriend be pregnant?

My girlfriend and I had sex on the 17th and 18th day of her cycle, on the 17th i used a condom, on the 18th i didn't but i ejaculated outside of her, she has PCOS and is taking birth control ...

Posted 1 day 5 hours ago 0 answers

Junel Fe 1/20 - Just got my birth control pills (Junel Fe 24). I start taking them on Sunday. I'm?

... taking them to get my period back and regular. I was on depo but stopped in January. It's been 6 months and no sign of a period. How long do I need to take these before I'm able to get ...

Posted 9 days ago 1 answer

I am on day 5 of placebo & only had very light/brown discharge .. Why is this happening?

I've been on the pill for 4 months now. I missed the first pill of my current pack but took it the next morning (2 pills one day). I always get my "period" on the Wednesday of the ...

Posted 2 days 16 hours ago 0 answers

Could I be pregnant?

I have been on birth control pills for about 6 months and take them the same exact time every single day. Usually during the second week of the pills I get break through bleeding. I had sex last ...

Posted 4 days ago 0 answers

Ortho Tri-Cyclen - Does taking Ortho Tri Cyclen at the same time every day matter?

I've struggled with acne problems since i was 13 years old. I've tried everything in the book from demo visits to over the counter supplements to many different birth control pills such as ...

Posted 4 days ago 0 answers

Gildess Fe 1/20 - Light brown period?

I have been taking this pill for about 5 months. The first 3 months my period was the same as it was before I was on the pill, except the cramps were much lighter. It lasted about 5 days and the ...

Posted 20 days ago 0 answers

Should I start my period two weeks after starting birth control?

I just started my first month of birth control pills. (The yellow and brown ones) three Sundays ago. (Today is Tuesday) so I'm in the middle of the third week in my pack. I also started my ...

Posted 12 days ago 1 answer

Stopped taking bc pill for 2 weeks, started again 4 days go & had sex. Should I take plan b?

I've been on the birth control pill for about a year now (I've taken it regularly that whole time). Well past two weeks I wasn't home and I didnt have my pills with me (first week I ...

Posted 1 Jul 2016 2 answers

If I start my birth control tonight, will my period be over tomorrow?

Hi, today was the first day of my period and I plan on taking my first birth control pill tonight. Will my period be stopped within the next day or two and then resume normally next month after I ...

Posted 19 days ago 1 answer

Irregular Period on LOLO birth control pills?

Hey everyone, I've been having some concerning side effects and period irregularities while being on LOLO birth control. I've been on it for a year and a half now, take it religiously and ...

Posted 13 days ago 0 answers

Birth Control Pills - Okay so I'm on birth control and I'm taking the suger pills and I usually have

... my period from Sunday to Sunday and 2 days ago the condom broke and it's Thursday and I stopped bleeding. What does that mean... like my period stopped early and I'm worried it's ...

Posted 17 days ago 1 answer

On the pill, Usually have cramps before period and I have none going on 2nd inactive pill?

I always get at least some cramping before my period and i have not had any yet and its kind of worrying me. i have been stressed out all month and being paranoid about being pregnant even though i ...

Posted 14 days ago 0 answers

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