So I've only just started taking levlen birth control pills and I have a few questions. Because my period had finished right before I went to the doctor to get on the pill he said to start taking the active pills (brown pills in the pack) so I've taken yesterday's (Monday when I first went to the doctor) and today's which is Tuesday. So because I'm starting on the active pills I have 3 weeks on them then a week on the sugar pills is this right? Then when I'm on the sugar pills do I get my period? And when I get to the sugar pills (white ones) how long til I get my period after taking them? Or do I get it straight away? And if I still have my period but all the sugar pills in that pack are gone do I take the active pills in the next pack? And follow through? Or do I take the sugar pills until my period has finished? Because I usually get my period after 4 weeks is it normal to only take 3 weeks of the brown ones and then a week of the sugar pills? And is that when I get my period when I'm on the sugar pills? I hope this makes sense. And sorry for all the questions I'm just a little confused because I had to start on the brown pills not the sugar ones like usual. Please help my confusion :)