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What scheduled class is benztropine?

Posted 1 Apr 2018 by Davidrodriguez 1 answer

I want to know what scheduled class is benztropine?

I cannot sleep well sometime on seroquel xr. What can I take along with seroquel xr to sleep?

Posted 19 Aug 2015 by Raeellis 3 answers

I was taken off haloperidol and benztropine because of too many side effects I could not deal with. He put me on seroquel xr. 50mg. This medication I do love because of one side effect and that is a lack of sleep. I am a paranoia schizaphrenia and just want to get a good night sleep. I have always ...

Can seroquel XR 50 mg. be taken with 1 mg. of benztropine?

Posted 21 Apr 2016 by Kanyons_mommy34 1 answer

I just got put on Seroquel XR for my mood stabilizer. I was on Abilify and Strattera but it gave me acasthesia. So I am wondering if the seroquel and benztropine can safely be taken together. Because the last drug interaction that I had had was bad. I can't bring myself to take the seroquel ...

Are my side effects common with latuda?

Posted 24 Jan 2016 by satanissanta 2 answers

I've been taking latuda for 9 days , the first 6 days @ 40mg, & the last 3 @ 20mg. I've had severe diarrhea everyday since my second dose. I lost 5# in the first week. Will this go away? Dr said 40mg was too much as I was stiff & twitchy & insomnia & dropped me to 20mg. As ...

Tardive Dyskinesia - has anyone tried cogentin/benztropine for td?

Posted 5 Feb 2013 by 4rosie 1 answer

just took one first dose of this med. .05 trying to get relief from td. very anxious don't know very much about med. would appreciate it if anyone has tried this. i have severe mouth involuntary movements 24/7 for approx. 3 or more months. won't go away. i am only taking 2 mg. of ...

Does zyprexa have a benzo in it?

Posted 22 Mar 2010 by tryin 1 answer

Interactions,which of these medications are the culprit?

Posted 8 Sep 2013 by johnw489 4 answers

i take hydroxyzine and benztropine mesylate started ten days back. i take a handful of other medications with it, way too many to list here. if one had to blame one of the two listed which would be your guess? i started seizing really bad and unsure of which one should be left out. good health and ...

What is a possible substitute for benztropine?

Posted 18 Aug 2012 by tuff tuff tony 2 answers

not able to access drug so is there a substitute

Can Cogentin (benztropine) cauase false positive in urine drug screen?

Posted 5 Aug 2010 by ecsimon 1 answer

In fact,I also take Zoloft,Geodon and zonisamide.I was fired for a positive drug screen Please advise

Do you have to taper to get off of benztropine?

Posted 8 Sep 2010 by jaws51 1 answer

My wife can't stop moving?

Posted 11 Apr 2011 by georger 1 answer

my wife has bipolar symptoms she has been in an out of the hospital 5 times in the last 4 months the latest has prescribed her haloperidol 5mg once before bed,lithium 900mg before bed ,benztropine mesylate 1 mg 2 times a day and trazodone hcl 400mg at bedtime for sleeping aid. She shakes like ...

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