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Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Questions

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How long should C/T clonazepam (Klonopin) withdrawal take?

I went off Klonopin cold turkey two weeks ago (bad move I know)... I was taking .25 mg a night to sleep (as per docs script) for three weeks... It started to make me feel extremely anxious and drugged up after taking it for a while... I seem to have EVERY protracted withdrawal symptom known to man... read more

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal - Anyone here! I'm just getting off Xanax after 22 years on board.

I have been detoxing or withdrawing for almost 2 weeks. Tapered off 4 mgs a day over the past year. I'm wondering how long the withdrawing symptoms will continue at this level. How can I help it?

Pharmacy said clonazepam isn't being made anymore?

how can I tapper off clonazepam if they quit making it, I have been on for 25 years, I am scared. I can't get ahold of my doctor yet, and it's been 3 days and I am hallucinating, is this withdraw? oh God!

Switching from Xanax to clonazepam?

What to suggest? My Dr. Switched me on to Klonopin (clonazepam) from alprazolam which I took .5 mg for 7 yrs 2x a day, most recently 3x day.Today was my first go with the clonazepam .5 mg 2x a day. I was very nervous and apprehensive as you could imagine switching medicines after being on one so... read more

How the heck do I get off Klonapin after 20 yrs?

I was put on klonapin 20 yrs ago because of panic attacks and severe anxiety. I couldn't leave my home and if I did I never walked with my head up, I never looked at anyone, I was paranoid bad. I had OCD and RLS. I know it's messing up my memory. Every time I try to back off even a TINY... read more

Is it safe to take clonazepam together in combination with hydrocodone?

I was just wondering because I am on both klonopin and hydrocodone.

Benzodiazepine withdrawal - Itching and leg edema normal?

My doctor started tapering me off of clonazepam 2 weeks ago. I had only been taking it about 6 months, .5mg 2x a day. He had me cut one of those doses in half only. I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, but oh my god, the symptoms. It's not anxiety, but a whole host of physical symptoms I... read more

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal - On Friday I got very sick with the "flu". But after reading some older?

... posts I think it might be withdrawal from klonopin. My last dose was Thursday night. I don't have the symptoms that I had when I withdrew from xanax years ago. I am extremely weak, chills, sweats, severe body pains, can't walk without staggering, dizzy and more. My husband took me... read more

On 10mg Valium built a tolerance is there anything stronger I cant take xanax or klonopin?

i been on 10mgs of Valium 3x a day i dont know if theres anything they can give me stronger been on Valium for 8 moths i have very sever anxiety and probs so they want to keep me on a benzo but im building a tolerance its like im not even taking it (but i still feel alil of it the voices are still... read more

My dr switch me from lorazepam to clonazepam with no weening off of the lorazepam?

Even with all the horror stories I've heard about withdrawals from it, is this true?

Can you drive when you are on clonazepam ?

Taking Clonazepam for 10 years, it's stopped working, suggestions?

I have been taking 500mcg of Clonazepam for 10 years. It has been a blessing because I could easily go to work and perform my duties, and cope with my anxiety. Lately I feel it's not working and I am desperate. Last night took 2 tablets only fell asleep at 5 this morning for 2/3 hours. Now... read more

What are the symptoms of clonazepam withdrawal?

Many people speak of how awful it is to lower the dose of clonazepam but don’t really describe the symptoms. I’ve taken a pretty steady dose of this benzo (.125) daily for 2 years as I’ve tried to find an anti-anxiety medicine that works. Lexapro didn’t, I couldn’t... read more

Klonopin - Missed 1mg dose - advice? AND - GI issues related to titration?

I have a colonoscopy this morning at 9am. I did the prep and had to miss my nighttime dose of Klonopin (1mg) because I had to take the awful prep drink. I went to bed around 1am... and laid there with heart palpitations and panic until 3am. Because I'd be taking my morning dose of Klonopin... read more

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