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Basal Cell Carcinoma Questions

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Imiquimod - treatment time for using aldara for basal cell carcinoma and actinic keratosis?

Posted 10 Apr 2018 by Lovelivewell 1 answer

The doctor put me on Aldara for three BCC's and four AK's on my legs, three days a week; every other day with weekends off.. I then saw the doctor again three weeks later at which time he told me to continue treatment but use it every day with weekends off. I'm not sure if I should ...

How long were you on Erivedge before you started losing hair? I've been on it for about a month.

Posted 27 Mar 2018 by wsjkcj1 1 answer

I'm starting to notice a lack of taste but that's all so far. Does it take Longer to lose hair or start getting cramps?

I used Aldara for 6 weeks for a BCC on my forehead. The last 3 weeks were torture. But, I finished?

Posted 23 Mar 2018 by LynneSusan1954 0 answers

... with the cream a week ago and my forehead is slowly healing, so I see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, for the past week, since finishing the cream, I have been experiencing a side effect that is worse then anything else I experienced ... it’s like my nerve endings are on fire ...

Can Aquaphor be used on the rash and open sores that erupted and itch?

Posted 28 Mar 2018 by Lovelivewell 0 answers

Being treated for two biopsied BCCs on my upper leg and one BCC on my other leg (lower). Also, I'm using it on an AK right below my eyebrow, and another AK on the side of my leg in the front. For three weeks I used the cream 3 times a week just on the spots themselves. Saw the doctor after ...

Hi ! Completed 2× day fl. 5%for 22 days..spots scabbed over, and so now I am putting hydrocortisone

Posted 25 Feb 2018 by Iowadawn55 0 answers

..them. BUT on my center spot turned red than pink, yet has "oozed" and feels raw ..Yet never scabbed. Do I continue cream on this raw spot? Did it "die" or is not healed?

If you are taking Odomzo, how long have you been taking it, what side effects are you experiencing..

Posted 3 Mar 2018 by lonnied 0 answers

... and what are you doing to cope with those side effects?

Aldara - Can you swim whilst using this?

Posted 12 Feb 2018 by Richard harvey 0 answers

I have been on Erivedge for 3 weeks now. When can I expect to see any improvement?

Posted 26 Jan 2018 by Kimberly377 0 answers

When can I expect to start getting the side effects? After many Mohs procedures and plastic surgeries last year I had genetic testing done that confirmed I do have Gorlins Syndrome which baffled my doctors since Gorlins usually starts in your teens and my started in my 40's. Will I still have ...

While on Erivedge, did anyone experience problems with taste. And if so, how long did it last?

Posted 20 Dec 2017 by fmann26 2 answers

While on Erivedge, I had most of the side effects that everyone else experienced but with one additional one. It affected my ability to taste things and as a result my ability to enjoy food. If anyone else had this experience, how long does this side effect last after taking Erivedge?

Imiquimod - How long before the skin gets crusty whilst taking aldara for bcc?

Posted 2 Nov 2017 by Justmagbes 0 answers

I have been taking aldara for 4 weeks and the area is red and slightly itching but hasn't started to get a crust on it yet. Does it mean that the cream is not working. Regards marg

Fluorouracil - If the application area doesnt turn red, is it still working?

Posted 12 Aug 2017 by Davo1111 0 answers

Part of the possible bcc area turned red, part of it didnt. Should i continue use on part that didnt?

Imiquimod - Should this be used on skin that is bleeding?

Posted 8 Dec 2017 by lmrgardner 0 answers

Stitches from the biopsy were removed (5 of them) and started with imiquimod the following Monday. Used it M-F night as directed. I can deal with the nausea and fatigue, but it bleeds constantly (so much that I need to cover it with a bandaid to control it). Wondering if I should continue using it ...

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