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Bacterial Skin Infection Questions

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Blisters on the bottom of my foot that itch, hurt and ooze clear liquid. Whats happening?

Posted 19 May 2013 by L0813 16 answers

I apply antifungal cream and powder daily also triple antibiotic when the blisters pop but nothing seems to give. When they pop the blisters fill up with more fluid and then more blisters appear. One blister popped and as I lifted up the skin to see inside it was like a deep cutt. I cant afford to ...

What kind of specialist to see for weeping leg edema and cellulitis?

Posted 9 Sep 2013 by marymack1938 3 answers

My cousin has weeping leg edema, very painful, and his internist diagnosed it as cellulitis - He is 79 yrs old with emphysema - and not improving on an antibiotic - Is there a specialist he can see for this condition

How does Levothyroxine interact w/a multivit. of Calcium (600mg) & 5,000IU of vitamin D?

Posted 20 Mar 2013 by Mia_1 3 answers

I had my yearly physical exam about 2 months ago and was told after having blood work, my thyroid levels were low. I was prescribed Levothyroxine. I also took a multivitamin containing 600mg of Calcium, along with 5,000IU of vitamin D. I was unaware of the warning not to take Calcium & Iron ...

What is the best treatment for cellulitis?

Posted 2 Mar 2010 by sds1956 1 answer

I was diagnosed with cellulitis on 1/29/10 and have been on the generics for Keflex and Bactrim DS since that time, today is 3/2/10. The infection started in my right leg and they put me off work a week at a time with the exception of 2 days a week that I worked graveyard with little standing. The ...

I was prescribed Bactrim for an infection which started on the side of my big toe, where there is?

Posted 20 hours ago by hazel2 1 answer

an open wound and puffy redness below. After 4 days of medicine I don't see any improvement. Wound still open and painful and redness seems to be spreading. Difficult to wear shoes. I soak with epsom salts, use Neosporin or other topical antibiotic on the wound, but nothing seems to be ...

Is severe itching but with no rash common with Clindamycin 300mg or is this an allergic reaction?

Posted 1 Sep 2017 by PamelaLott 0 answers

My doctor prescribed a dosage of Clindamycin 300mgs for me today for a severe Cellulitis infection in legs. So far I have taken 2 doses(every 6 hours) of this Clindamycin 300mgs... No stomach upsets but am now itching very badly but have no rash or trouble breathing... IS THIS A ALLERGIC REATION or ...

Has anyone experienced or have knowledge of getting cellulitis while taking WP Thyroid?

Posted 19 Aug 2017 by Sandra Daily 1 answer

This came on within a week of beginning WP... wondering if it is connected. Very much wanting the WP to be the product of choice - so perhaps this occurring is just a coincidence. Anyone have any knowledge?

Abscess packing - holiday weekend help?

Posted 3 Jul 2017 by Amelia-a 0 answers

Hello! I was just diagnosed with folliculitis last week & was put on Bactrim. A painful abscess formed under my arm & the morning I was to see the doctor as I was walking I felt it burst. It was so big it needed medical attention & was no question, infected. I went on Friday & ...

Physical results of long term use of Lasix on extremities?

Posted 24 Apr 2017 by blu1onet 1 answer

Can it contribute to cellulitis?

Started taking doxycycline for cellulitis, after 4 days I started feeling weak, diareah, nausea,?

Posted 3 May 2017 by Kmoreorless 1 answer

... migraine, irritability and cold sweats. I figured it was a migraine so I stayed in a dark quiet room and drank small sips of water. Now feeling a little better but still very irritable, cold but sweaty, and I have fibro but this is different. Could it be the antibiotic? I told my Dr I was ...

Is Peritonsillar Cellulitis is contagious? If it is, how?

Posted 9 Aug 2016 by HumbleValor 3 answers

I've went to the doctor last Sunday (July 31st) and have been taking antibiotics for the past 10 days (still taking them) and I just got my recheck today (August 9th). I feel way much better. No pain, no fevers, etc. The abscess is really small, like dots. I asked if it was contagious when I ...

What is a good substitute for Keflex since I'm allergic to penicillin for cellulitis?

Posted 27 Jan 2017 by Bdsnchloe2divas 1 answer

I am diabetic. I got severe hives with penicillin that even left bruises

Can you have lymphadenopathy in your hips and legs?

Posted 20 Feb 2017 by tem1960 0 answers

I was in the ER for pain in my left pelvic/ hip and leg with some swelling my pain was and still severe they took x-ray and CT of my stomach and leg also ultrasound of my left leg as well.

Bacterial Skin Infection - I have had scales on the lower back part of one foot for a couple of?

Posted 24 Jan 2017 by lapopessa 0 answers

I have had scales on the lower back part of one foot for a couple of years. Stupidly never really paid attention to them (have heart/lung issues that I tend to focus on). Saturday my leg swole up and turned red in parts. I kept it elevated & swelling went down. But redness freaked me out ...

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